Store Experiences, With Dad.

Hi everybody on this nice, mild Saturday in November!  We had just a bit of snow overnight, but right now it’s just cloudy, though more light snow should be arriving soon. Today I thought I would share some store experiences with my dad.  He had the same problems I have at the store these days.  I’m sure I inherited this from him.  Whatever the case, things always seemed to happen to him when he went shopping, just like with me.  See what I mean?  You will.

Autumn has gone and so have the little juncos.

One day dad wants to get some shampoo and he was very particular about the scent of his shampoo.  He was looking at a brand he had never purchased before so decided to take the cap off to smell it.  Well, the cap was on rather tight.  So he held the bottle tightly and finally the cap came off.  Well, what happened was a fountain of shampoo high in the air and landing on the shelf, floor, dad’s feet, his hands and on his face and glasses.  He just stood there, then said quietly, now what do I do?  There was a lady standing close by and she just said, I don’t know and ran off.  I could hear her laughing in the next aisle. Dad turned to me but I was already gone too.  How did you get back to the car so fast?, he asked.  Practice, I said.  What did you do with the shampoo?  I just put the bottle back on the shelf and got out of there, he said.  That got me going again laughing loud and long.

Male and female purple finch, they are also gone until spring.

We were at the hardware store getting some nails.  Dad was filling up the scale while I got a bag to put them in.  Okay, says dad, hold the bag steady while I pour the nails in.  I looked at all those nails and realized they wouldn’t fit in that bag.  Don’t pour yet, I said.  Guess dad wasn’t paying attention, he was already in pouring mode.  I got the bigger bag.  Dad was just standing there looking at all the nails on the floor.  Why did you dump them on the floor?, I asked.  Why did I bring you with me?, he asked.  Without me you wouldn’t be able to pour them in the bag, I said.  Dad just looked.  Obviously I couldn’t do it with you either, he said, looking at all those nails.  That did it.  I started laughing.

And my little chipmunks are sleeping and feasting on peanuts for the winter.

Well, just a little humor to start our Saturday, or end it, depending on where you live.  I will share more in the future, so many things happened.  I will be sharing more of my experiences as well.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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