More Insulator Adventures, Part 4.

Good morning everyone!  Let’s just dive right into our adventure today…

You should be more careful, I said, you always spill your coffee.  Only when you’re around, he said.  I’ll pour you another cup, I offered.  I reached for his thermos.  Dad was standing at this point so I put his cup on the rock he was sitting on.  Guess dad didn’t notice that.  He sat down.  On his cup.  AAAAA!  You broke your cup, I said.  Then I burst out laughing again.  Dad looked at the remains of his cup.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe, he said.  You can use mine after I’m finished, I said, still laughing.  Forget it, said dad, I’ll just drink out of the thermos.

Along the river. This flat rock, about 6 ft (2meters) high, is now under water.

He added some sugar.  Now, I say he accidentally dropped all the sugar in.  He says I bumped his arm.  Dad just did not like admitting he was accident prone.  This is way too sweet, he said.  You should have seen the look on his face.  Amazing.  While he was busy with his coffee, I put his other sandwich on his hat which he had put on the ground.  I figured it would be safer there.  I offered to share my coffee.  He got up to get my thermos.  What was that?, he asked, looking at his hat.  It “was” your other sandwich, I said.  Why did you put it on the ground?, he asked.  I didn’t, it was on your hat, I said.

Along the river path.

Bonehead!  Well, at least he’s enjoying himself.  Not your day, I said, good thing I’m here.  Dad sighed again, amazingly loud.  You sigh a lot, I said.  Only when you’re around, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.  You can still eat it, I said, part of it didn’t get squished.  That did it, back to laughing.  How would you like it squished on your head?, asked dad.  Wasn’t my fault you stepped on it, I said.  Dad just shook his head.  Are there any cookies left, or did you eat them all again.  I haven’t touched them yet, I said, there in your back pack.  Dad looked.  Can’t find them, he said.

One of my favorite areas along the river path.

Maybe they’re in mine then, I said and took a look.  Yep, here they are, would you like one?  Just toss the whole bag of them, said dad.  You think he would have learned by now.  Okay, I said and tossed them.  AAAAAAAAA!!!, why did you throw them so high?  Guess it was a little high, I said.  The bag went way over dad’s head and down onto the tracks.  Well, said dad, go get them.  Naturally.  He misses so I have to fetch.  Toss them up, said dad.  Fine.  I tossed hard to make sure they would make it.   Look out, I called up.  Dad turned and looked behind him, then turned back and started to say something when…whack!  Hit him on the nose, knocked his glasses off and they fell right down onto the tracks.

We would often see deer walking down the tracks on our adventures.

My glasses!!!!, yelled dad.  I picked them up and brought them back to him.  Amazing you didn’t try to throw them up, said dad.  Why would I do that?, I asked.  Dad just looked, then put his head down and sighed.  You really do sigh a lot, I said again.  Why did you say ‘look out’?, asked dad.  To warn you the cookies were coming, I said.  Dad put his head down.  Suddenly a “cracking” behind us.  Dad and I looked at each other, then slowly turned around.  There it was, standing up, sniffing the air…

All of these rocks are also under water now.

Guess we will need one more to finish off our little adventure.  Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “More Insulator Adventures, Part 4.

      • Very, very slow. There is some improvement, I think the ultrasound treatments are working, but I still can’t walk much. My doctor said it could be the well into January before it is healed completely. I’m hoping it will be better before Christmas. Thanks for asking.🙂😺

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      • Despite the fact i hate the word “patience”, this is the only thing i can say to you for the moment, Steve. Some other time i’ll tell you my story. What has happened to me in terms of health. You’ ll freak out. Some other time, though. Get well, first, and then we ‘ re gonna have time to discuss my issues… lol… Have patience, Steve. It will take some time, but you’ll be fine again. Take care. Say “hello” to Muffin !

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes indeed, patience is necessary. But I’m glad it’s this time of year and not during the summer, so there’s always the positive side too. I actually have a couple other health issues that are classed severe and are ongoing, those ones will always be there. I don’t normally like to talk about those on my blog. But this will get better eventually, so much sitting is the hard thing, not being able to do things normally. But there is improvement so it’s going in the right direction. Thanks so much for your support here Outosego, much appreciated! Have a wonderful day!😃😺❄🌲⛄

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  1. Hi Steve! Enjoyed it 😂😂😂 Wasted a cup😉 He sighed a lot indeed only when u were around😁 wasted cookies too,😂😂 It was fun ✨👌✍️ Have a wonderful Friday Steve✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Simon, glad you have been enjoying this adventure.😄😂 Just one more part to go, coming out today, very soon actually.😃😀 I hope you have a great weekend, relax a bit!😁😀😀😴😎🌴

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