Adventures With Dad, The Cottage #2.

Hello once again everyone!  I hope your Wednesday is going well.  I’m having a great day, so is Muffin, she’s sleeping again on her favorite blanket on top of my insulator shelves.  It’s a nice old quilt and she loves it.   Well, I guess it’s time to get on with our latest adventure with part 2…

Dad’s head was a bit sore, though nothing serious, so we decided it was a good time for lunch.  We sat at the picnic table outside in the shade.  It was a nice sunny and very warm day.  We each kept our lunch separate this time.  Dad said something about wanting to make sure he got to eat his food.  Kind of odd thing to say.  Anyway, I noticed the picnic table wasn’t sitting quite level so I tried to move it.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!, said dad. Why did you pour your coffee on your arm?, I asked.  I just wanted to see what it would feel like, replied dad.  Then he started with his hysterical laughter.  Perhaps because he hit his head, I thought.

I think those 2 are a bit nutty.

Dad poured himself more coffee.  He was about to drink some when suddenly he dropped his cup and started dancing!  And yelling.  And taking his pants off!  AA!!, what are you doing?  Ants!!  That was all he said.  Sure enough, some ants had made their home under the picnic table and dad put his feet right on top of them.  That wasn’t a good thing to do, I said.  Dad just looked.  That did it.  I started laughing again.  Dad did his hysterical laugh again.  Maybe we should sit inside, I suggested, when I could finally talk again.  Dad actually agreed.  In we went.  Dad poured himself another cup of coffee.  Want some cake?, I asked.  Sure, said dad, toss if over.  I’m not sure why he kept saying that.

gray jay 1
One of our gray jay visitors.

Anyway, I did.  Landed right in dad’s cup of coffee.  Dad just looked.  Then shook his head.  Then he said quietly, why me?  It’s still good, I said, cake and coffee is good together.   Dad looked at me.  Then he grabbed my piece of cake and tossed it into a pile of sawdust!  Can you believe that?  My cake!, I said.  Dad did his hysterical laugh again.  Must be that hit on the head alright.  Dad poured himself a fourth cup of coffee.  You sure drink a lot of coffee, I said.  Bonehead, said dad, I haven’t had any yet.

Some fresh snow in the trees.

This table wobbles too, I said and gave it a bit of a shake.  Dad was leaning on the table at the time and drinking his coffee.  The coffee went all over his face.  How did you manage to miss your mouth?, I asked.  Dad and I both started laughing at that point, and he threw the last of his coffee at me!  Should we get back to work?, I asked, as I wiped the coffee from my face.  Dad just looked at me.  Off we went to the nearest coffee shop so dad could get more coffee.

One of our white breasted nuthatches.

All for today and that ends another adventure.  The majority of our adventures were actually quite normal, maybe one or two funny things happened.  These funniest ones happened over a period of several years.  I hope you enjoy the remainder of your day, or beginning of your day, depending on where you live.  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Adventures With Dad, The Cottage #2.

  1. I have noticed the words “toss it over” are frequent in your adventures …hmmm…of course it did end in laughter ! Keep posting !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep, it seems dad never did learn that one and kept saying it all the time. Well, sometimes he remembered and said hand it over or something similar. But keep in mind, these adventures are spread out over quite a few years and some things will appear similar but could be 2 or 3 years apart. I would write about our normal adventures too but I never kept notes of those, only the comical ones! I just didn’t want to forget these.😀😂


  2. Ha ha ha Steve! You both have an awesome sense of humour. oh u didnt even let him drink a cup of coffee peacefully😂😂👌 Well that is awesome🤗✍️ Enjoyed reading it Steve… Have a beautiful day… did i told u🤔 today is world philosophy day… and it ends for us in few hrs 😉✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t my fault he didn’t get to drink his coffee.🤪☕ I was able to drink mine without any problems, proves he was accident prone.😂😂🙄Glad you enjoyed it Simon! World Philosophy day? Hmm,🤔 I’m not a good philosopher so guess it won’t help me.😂😂Hope your day was good, soon Friday for you, have a great one!😃😺⛄❄🌲

      Liked by 1 person

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