20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 6.

I shine the flashlight around the room.  Well, it’s a nice big bedroom, I say to Muffin.  We go inside, close and lock the door.  Look, a couple of kerosene lamps, which I light quickly. That looks much better, right Muffin?  Meow, meow.  What do you mean, a plane going home would be much better?  This is going to be fun, just watch.  Meow. (We’re going to die and he says fun.)  Hey, some candles too and a note, says here that the electricity goes off sometimes.  See?  That’s all there is to it Muffin.  Muffin just gives me that odd look she does sometimes.

Pine siskin, he wanted to get up nice and close.

Okay, I said, it might be something else, we can’t check until tomorrow though.  I’ll give Rossana a call.  What?  Why is my battery dead on the phone Muffin?  Meow.  You were playing games on the plane?  You could have told me that at the airport so I could have charged it there.  Meow. (sorry).  Oh well, Rossana is likely going to check on us tomorrow if she can’t get hold of us by phone.  I decide to put the dresser in front of the door just in case.  Muffin has already begun checking the room so I join in.  Okay Muffin, looks like no one is listening.  Meow. (I agree).  There certainly has been some strange things happening today. 

Meow.  You’re worried Muffin?  I admit, right now I’m a bit worried too.  But things will look better in the morning.  Meow. (I hope so).  In a place this big, it’s impossible to tell if someone else is out here.  Perhaps someone that works out here who would know the place better than we do.  At least we still have our boat in case we need to leave, I say to Muffin.  Meow?  That’s okay, I fixed things so no one can steal the boat.  Now we better get some sleep, lots of work to do tomorrow.  Meow?  Yes, I plan on sleeping, don’t forget, you slept on the plane, I didn’t.

Baxter, the blue jay, waiting for his peanut.

I went to bed and fell asleep quickly, but Muffin wanted to stay up and watch for awhile.  I tell her not to play with the flashlights, we’re going to need them.  Suddenly I wake up with Muffin slapping my face!  What’s wrong Muffin?  Meow.  Oh, it’s daylight, time to get up and get to work.  I get cleaned up while Muffin waits impatiently.  Okay Muffin, ready for a day of exploring?  Meow, meow. (No, but I imagine we will anyway).  Right, it’s going to be fun!  Meow. (we have different ideas of fun).  First we will give a quick check to every room we can find in this palace.  Meow?  Yes, even the rooms we were not allowed to go in.  This case is too strange, we’re not leaving rooms unchecked. 

However, let’s go check on our boat.  We get to the boat area and…our boat is gone!  Guess I slept too soundly.  Muffin sighs.  Stop sighing.  Meow, meow? (we’re going to die and you want me to stop sighing?).  Don’t forget, when Rossana doesn’t hear from us, she will come and check.  Meow.  Well, yes, if we can trust her.  Don’t even suggest that, I’m sure we can trust her.  Since we’re down here, let’s check the lower levels first.  We walk down this long hallway with doors on both sides, mainly storage rooms of various kinds, some rooms completely empty.  Good thing we have our flashlights, the hallway is dark, but all of the rooms have windows.

A male pine grosbeak sitting in the apple tree.

Finally we get to part of the hallway with no doors, suddenly we hear a creaking sound.  We turn just in time to see a large wood door sliding across the hallway behind us.  No way we could get there in time to get out.  Hmm, this is not good, so we keep walking down the hall.  Just ahead of us the hall turns to the left and…a dead end!  Meow!

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


50 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…The Palace, Chapter 6.

  1. Awe… c’mon?? You can’t stop right there? You were just getting going? Now I need to wait all weekend to see how you get out of this one? I can’t believe it….😲😬🤠

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