Daily Pics 2020 #84.


Good morning to all of you on this fair day!  It was just beautiful yesterday, the sun was shining and the snow was melting so nicely.  Really felt nice as I spent a bit of time sitting on my deck in the afternoon.  The birds were singing and chattering all day long and spending less time down at the feeders.  Mama deer and her baby were around twice yesterday.  The baby is finally getting used to me and soon they will be gone for the summer.   Though I’m sure I will meet them when I go walking down to the river again. I am certainly looking forward to that walk again.  It just really had that feel and smell of spring yesterday, as well as looking like early spring.  And now along with the warmer weather will be the return of other critters like raccoons who will try going after my bird feeders again.  Hopefully I have them beat this year.  However, I have been keeping my extra bird seed outside and that they can get at quite easily.  I will need to make some changes to that very soon.  Plus, the return of bears again, not really a nice thought, though it would be nice to get a pic of them.

But now it’s time for some friendlier pics for our enjoyment…


Here we have the lightest pink peony in my landlord’s garden.  They truly are a magnificent flower.IMG_4440

And this peony is just a little bit darker pink and is the largest peony flowers of all the one’s that my landlord has in her garden.  This one is right beside my apartment.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

23 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020 #84.

      • You can …It is on the Eastern US Canadian border …Not that far from you …
        In Lebanon, I visited Jeita natural cave…Google its images and tell me please your opinion …

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      • Niagara Falls is in the same province, but it is far away from where I live, over 2,000 km away. That’s a major trip, but perhaps one day it will work out, certainly not this year, it is all closed down there now due to this virus.
        Yes, I did look at pictures of the cave, it is quite an amazing place. I like looking at the pictures but I’m not sure I could actually go into a cave. Have a wonderful day Wael!


      • The cave has been prepared for visitors to get into by building bridges in the upper floors and allowing boats to get into its flowing underground river in the lower floor…
        You see limestone smooth natural pillars …Exquisite …

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      • Yes, it would be amazing to see such a place, but I get nervous when going into such places, even when they are big. But who knows, perhaps one day.


  1. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
    The bells of joy  start to ring ,
    Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

      The divine is here , there and everywhere,
    For all of us , God would care ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    In the darkness of the night,
    Stars could be shining bright,
    The moonlight shows  up in our sight ,
    Being from the divine light ,
    Things are marvelous  and white,
    With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
    Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
    Our powers we gather and
    May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite


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  2. Stay away from the bears Steve !…beautiful peonies…snow is melting…cloudy skies this morning , yet it is a good day because the LORD has made it ! ☕️☕️🍩🍩😺🙂☕️☕️🌸🌸

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    • Cloudy here too with rain on the way! Maybe the gulls will return today! Yes, God always gives a good day! Hope you have a wonderful day!😃😺🌧🌧☕☕


  3. Good morning Steve! Pink peonies are my favorites. Finally we have rain here—just in time as our state shuts down. Everyone stay home. 😷

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    • Good morning Nina! I tagged you in my latest post, no pressure to do it though. Just something fun for these days. Yes, we have been shut down and told to stay home too. At midnight tonight all non essential businesses must close, most are closed already. Good time to catch up on reading and writing!
      I hope you have an enjoyable day Nina! And look after yourself, lots of rest.😃😺🌞☕☕

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  4. Pinkish White, looks so beautiful, How is the summer beginning Steve 😉 Hope the Sun starts to show up, and it’s warm now ☺️ Have a beautiful day ✨

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    • It was sunny and warm yesterday and the snow was melting fast. Today it’s still mild, but cloudy so not much melting, but it is supposed to rain later so that will help get rid of more snow.😃😺🌞🌧☕

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      • Rain😳 Is that rainy season🤔 You said spring is starting right🙄 My friend also said that 🤔 hmm strange rain Steve, but it’ll get rid of snow, great you don’t have to shovel for some months ☺️🤗💐

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      • Yep, rain comes in the spring,😀🌧 usually spring is our rainiest time of the year, April through June. June is usually our rainiest month, but I hope it isn’t this year. Yes, it does help get rid of the snow fast.😄🌧🌧 I hope there will be no more snow, but we often get late April snowstorms, but hopefully not this year.😁😸🌞🌳


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