Insulator Hike, Part 3.

Hi everyone and welcome to part 3 of our exciting adventure out looking for antique insulators.  I was getting a bit interested in them by this time which made the trips more fun, besides all the fun we had in finding them.  I’m still amazed that dad kept wanting to go out looking for these things considering all that happened to him.  But he even would laugh at all these adventures too.  So let’s get going with the conclusion of our insulator hike!

We each sat down on a rock, which were nice and mostly flat and just the right height for sitting on.  I had put dad’s lunch in his backpack like he told me to do.  I saw him looking at his sandwiches.  What’s wrong?  They’re all dirty, he said.  That’s because your backpack is dirty.  Why didn’t you put them in a bag?  There wasn’t any left.  How come yours aren’t dirty?  I wrapped mine in paper towels, I said.  Why didn’t you wrap mine in paper towels?  Don’t you remember?  I asked if you wanted paper towels with your sandwiches and you said no.  Dad just stared and shook his head.  Then he came over and took my other sandwich and tossed his away.  Hey, that’s my sandwich, I said.  Not now, said dad with a smile on his face.

Chipping sparrow, our smallest sparrow and last to return, usually early May.

He actually managed to pour his coffee without spilling it this time.  When he finished my sandwich he asked where the pie was.  I ate it already.  Half a pie?  I was hungry and you ate my other sandwich.  Dad just stared.  How come there’s only one cup of coffee in my thermos?  That’s all the coffee that was left, I said.  That’s because of that monster thermos of yours, said dad.  I get thirsty, I said, but you can have what’s left of mine.  Thanks, said dad as he held out his cup.  I poured the coffee into it without spilling any.  That’s it?  That’s only half a cup, said dad.  Like I said, I get thirsty, it’s all that walking.  Dad gave out a huge sigh.  While dad was finishing his coffee I went walking around.  Hey, I said, a pile of cross arms over the side of the hill.  Dad came to look.  Good, he said, they’re full of insulators too.

Clay-colored sparrow, usually returns the end of April, early May.

No point both of us going down there to get them, you climb down and toss them up to me, he said.  Naturally.  I think he was just afraid of wasps or bees living in that pile of cross arms.  Anyway, down I went and starting taking the insulators off and no bees or anything else showed up.  Ready?, I asked.  Yep, start throwing.  I tossed one, didn’t make it.  Toss harder, said dad.  I did and dad caught it perfectly.  Okay, he said, keep them coming.  So I did.  Dad caught them nicely, but then for some reason he took a little longer than usual getting back in position so my next insulator hit him on his side.  Ohhh, was all I heard as I let loose with another one before I could stop myself.  Poor dad, he had stood right up and turned so that last insulator hit him right in the stomach.  Another “ooooh” and he sat down rather fast.  Unfortunately he landed on some of the insulators.

White-throated sparrow, should return within the next couple weeks.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! He yelled!  Wow, you’re getting kind of noisy up there, I said.  Bonehead, he called back.  What an odd time to be enjoying himself.  Finally he looks over the edge again, any more?  Just 2, I said.  Toss them higher this time, said dad.  So I tossed one higher.  Perfect, said dad, that way I don’t have to bend down to catch them.  Last one coming up.  Guess I tossed that one a bit too high, dad jumped, but still missed it and I could here the sound of breaking glass.  Oh well, I thought, it was a common one anyway.  When I got up there dad was looking at the broken glass.  He had put the only purple one off away from the others to keep it safe.  That last insulator he missed landed right on it and smashed it to pieces.  Amazing how that common one didn’t break at all, I said.  Dad just shook his head.

All the way back home he kept talking about that broken purple insulator and how I was the only person that could break it from that far away without even seeing where it was sitting.  I’m sure there are others who could do that, I said.  Dad just looked and said, never.  Oh well, we had fun anyway, I said.  Dad said, “we”?

I hope you all managed to get a laugh or two from this adventure with dad and I.  Have a wonderful day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “Insulator Hike, Part 3.

  1. Good question at the end? “We”? you must have had a real fun out there, you are smart, doing things very carefully, pre planned the things, so that’s good your dad got some help from you. Loved it Steve, so beautiful to read about both of you together. ✨Have a wonderful day 😊😉✨💐 Thanks for the laugh😂😜LOL! I definitely needed it now.

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    • These days I think a laugh or two is good medicine since people are stuck at home so much now.😄😀😸 It’s good to have some laughs, or time to just sort of dream a bit along with my pics and nature walks.🚶‍♂️🌳🍄🌸🐦🦉
      Thanks for reading Simon, glad you enjoyed it!😂😹🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️😛🙃

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      • Enjoyed it Steve, and yes staying at home is not easy, boring 🙄 and cooking is another tough task to face every morning 😂. But enjoying my scheduled works 😉☺️

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      • When you have to stay home like that, it’s important to have a schedule. Always include things you enjoy, but also necessary things. Have a specific time to do things. Do extra stuff. Big spring cleaning, or for you, summer cleaning. Rearrange the furniture and leave it for 2 days to see if you like it. If not, try something different.🤪🙄 I’m not fooling, these kinds of things work.🤔 It helps to keep us busy and focused on things other than problems like this virus.😁😸😳
        Enjoy your night Simon!😃😺🌙😴

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      • Indeed Steve, I am organising lot of things here. Rearrange is. Good idea to try though. Why I never thought about it 🤔 Sure Steve I’ll try this morning and let you know how that worked out 🤓

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      • I always find that rearranging things gives a fresh look to a place😀 and really helps a lot when you are suddenly stuck inside for a while.😁😜 Have fun with it!😃😺

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      • That’s good Steve, Even I would like to try one day soon. Today, I’ve been doing lot of core workout and I’m very very tired now. Should have a good sleep tonight. Last night I had a great sleep after so many days. ☺️

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      • Good for you Simon, wear yourself out so you can sleep better. I like that idea. I think. Don’t know if I should try that just yet, best to just stick with my regular workouts which are going good so far.😁😸💪 With that new snow I won’t be out walking today unfortunately.🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Oh well, things happen.😕 I have no energy today, but need to get busy anyway with some things.😀🙄 Glad you slept well finally, keep it up!😴😴

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      • Just stick with your regular work outs for now ☺️ I think I can sleep 🙄 hope nothing disturbs me tonight 😌. New snow? Again? Oh u said that already 🙄 Crazy ice age, am i right? Don’t go out, it’s safe for you and muffin. Did you take photographs of the big pink moon? 🌒 hope you did not tried new stunts😜 in process of taking a pic. Take rest for sometime Steve, let your body get that energy back 😉 Have some good snacks in the middle and have fun ☺️👌💐

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      • Snow, cold and strong wind, seems like this winter doesn’t want to stop.😬☃ It will eventually.😛 I got pics of the moon last night,🌙📷 some with small clouds passing in front of it just a little, looked nice. No stunts needed this time!😁🤸‍♂️ Full moon last night, supposed to be cloudy the next few nights unfortunately, but maybe the moon will peak through anyway so I can get pics.🤔🌙📷 Resting, not hungry, hope that changes. Enjoy your evening!😃😺🌙😴

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      • Enjoy the day Steve, can’t wait to see your pictures, do post it sometime soon ☺️🤗✨ Have a beautiful day Muffin and Steve✨💐

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      • Hi Steve, I’m going to read that, just woke up. Too much sleep again 🙄 😳 but stayed awake for an hour in d middle 🙄 🤔 no idea why I wake up in the midnight hearing weird noises.🤔 Must be illusions 😂😜 I don’t want to scare you before bed. Good Night Steve 🥰✨🤗

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      • I hear weird noises at night too.😬 Make sure you lock your door,😜 look in the closets,😳 under the bed,😲 make sure you are alone!😳😳 There might be eyes looking in the window at night.👀
        Enjoy your evening Simon!😂😹🙄

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      • Oops that’s scary, all the stories I write is how I got scared of things around. And last night was terrible, I kept hearing my kittens cry and a dog’s howling all night, 🤔That was quiet a scary experience 😊 Anyway I was back to bed after a while. Thanks for triggering my thoughts again, I have a story to write right away 😀 😀👌💐

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  2. So funny ! I can’t believe you drank all that coffee and ate the pie ! I love those insulator trips ! Always makes me laugh ! ☕️☕️😲😂☕️☕️🍩🍩

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  3. Keep up your delightful posts, Steve and Muffin. They’re a delight to read and take us away from the real world as we know it. ☕️☕️☕️☕️🥧🥪🥪🌞

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    • Yep, sometimes it’s nice to have a little escape, a time to relax and smile a bit for awhile. Thank you so much Eugenia!😁😸🌞☕☕


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