Daily Pics #102.


Good morning everyone!  It’s another chilly morning, but still, it could be worse.  It’s a good time to sit back and dream of those nice warm summer days ahead.  I know many of you already have that, but for us northerners it is still just a dream.  I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I looked out the window and saw two herring gulls on the feeder…plus a ring-billed gull!  It was definitely a little crowded out there and it was kind of unusual to see the 2 different gulls on there together.  Now, they don’t generally fight too much, but it is rather crowded just with 2 herring gulls.  I just wish I could have gotten a pic of that.  But Rickie, the ring-billed gull is just not brave enough to let me go out there and take a pic of him.  Oh well, one of these days I hope to get him, even just one real nice pic would be good.  And even though the weather is still cold, the robins were sitting in the trees singing away so nicely.  I love listening to them.  Not sure what they are finding to eat these days, the ground is certainly frozen solid enough still.

But those robins don’t need much to keep them going, and now, a couple pics of the same bird that I find very beautiful indeed…


The cedar waxwing coming in to enjoy one of their favorite snacks, the petals of the apple blossoms.  It will be a while yet before there are any apple blossoms this year.IMG_3795

And a couple more eyeing those delicious petals.  There was about 30 of these cedar waxwings out in the apple tree eating petals one day last year.  And when they left, there were no petals left!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, stay safe, stay home and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

52 Comments on “Daily Pics #102.

    • No actually, all they eat are the petals, the main center of the flower remains. Plus it’s near the end of the flowering period too, so there’s always a good crop of apples. Must be something good in those petals though!🤔😄😸

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  1. Beautiful birds ! It would be great to have them at our feeders ! ☕️☕️💙☕️☕️🦉🦅🦆

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  2. Loved the beautiful birds, hope they had turned back this year too. Happy Easter to you and Muffin 😉😸💐 Have a beautiful Sunday Steve🤗

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    • Happy Easter Simon!😁😸 Guess I should have said that last night when it was morning instead of this morning when it’s night.🙄 I think.🤔😂😹 Anyway, hope you had a good day and have a great evening!😃😺🌞🌙💐

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      • It was a good day Steve, Easter was good, first time celebrating alone ☺️ It’s okay Steve, glad I could able to Wish you in the morning. Enjoy your chocolate ☺️✨💐 🤗

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      • I decided against the chocolate, don’t need it,😁 Muffin can’t have it even though she wants it😾😾 and that means a bit of conflict which means sore feet for someone,😾😾 namely me!😵😹

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      • So that seems o be a problem to solve, Let’s assume Steve wants a chocolate X and muffin can’t eat it Y and X is obviously not equals to Y. Because X is not Y and Y is not X and there should be an Z now, munching his little chocolates in his mouth. Yup found it! it;s me 😀😂😂😂😂😂😊 How is my problem? did I solved it? 🤔 Never mind, I sometime make crazy talks. Like I did now. Hope you don’t mind. 😀

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      • You’re beginning to sound like me Simon!😜😂 That’s a perfect solution!🙄🙄 But what was the problem again?🤔🤔
        Have a good night Simon!😃😺🌙😴

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      • 😂😜😂 Too much Steve in my head 😜😜 I need to sleep, too late. Good Night Steve 🥰 Have a beautiful noon.. hope ur lunch is over… 😉👍

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