Daily Pics #114.

Rickie the ring-billed gull. He has brought his mate now as well.

Good morning on this lovely spring day!  It is cloudy but the temp is mild, there was a light rain shower when I went out to feed the birds this morning.  What a beautiful smell in the air after that little bit of rain.  There was robins all around singing from the trees.  Other little birds were running around on the ground chirping and looking for their breakfast.  Purple finches and goldfinches were singing cheerfully from the bushes.  The gulls were squawking from the rooftop.  Okay, that one perhaps isn’t too musical like the others, but they were still doing their part to make the morning cheery, even with the clouds.  Springtime.  It’s a beautiful time of the year.  And it should be staying with us now, which is even nicer.

On another, less cheerful note, my comments notifications are still not working.  So it may take a little longer to answer than usual.  I apologize for that, but not much I can do until WP figures out how to fix it.  Please, if you are having the same problem, contact WP and let them know.  The more people who complain about this the better as they will work faster to fix the problem.  And may I make another suggestion?  If you are having this problem, please write a post about it alerting your readers.  Many bloggers may not even know they have the problem yet so this is a good way to get the message out there to them so that they can also get in touch with WP.  Thanks for your time.

I was finally able to make it down to the river and took some new pics down there and I would like to share a couple with you…


There was a lot of ducks down there but most were too far away for pics, this pair of mallards were fairly close and seemed to be enjoying themselves out in the middle of the river.  Normally this ducks would be found in shallow water, but I guess they were just enjoying a nice swim.IMG_3287

The river level had dropped about 3 feet (approx 1 meter) from it’s winter high leaving some interesting ice along the shore in places that were a bit shady.

Well, that is all for now, I am late getting this out again, things keep happening it seems to change my schedule!  I hope you all have a wonderful day, please stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

24 Comments on “Daily Pics #114.

  1. I chatted with WP tech support last night about the commenting issue, and the guy I was chatting with seemed to be unaware that it was a problem. I’ve seen multiple people complaining about this, so I’m not sure if the guy was just trying to deny that there was a problem, or if he really was unaware. He eventually did say it was a problem and they were working on it…

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    • Yes, the problem seems to be fixed now for me and several others I have talked to this past half hour, that’s when it started to work again. It wasn’t working all at the same time though, because some were working before mine. But at least it should be back to normal for everyone soon. Thanks for helping out with this Jim, hope it’s working for you soon!

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    • Yes, the temp has been cold so there is still lots of ice and water will freeze in early spring like this. The pic is 2 days ago, that ice is leftover from the winter, though the icicles are recent from thawing and freezing.


      • I hope that my country would have a better government and a better leadership system like that of , Canada , Europe and USA …
        Here , the currency has been devalued in Lebanon …
        However , change is possible…
        God bless our world with love, prosperity and peace…

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      • Hopefully, may God bless our world with peace and prosperity …
        Maybe, whatever we humans pass through is to enlighten and upgrade our level of awareness…

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  2. Hi Steve, I’m glad they found the Mice, I won’t say you sent Muffin for the mission of find the wires and mice. 😜😁 And beautiful pictures by the way, I’ll never going to see that in my life 😜 Ice on my door step 😂😂 Have a beautiful day Steve ✨💐🤗

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    • That’s okay Simon, you’re not really missing anything!🤪 Ice can sometimes look interesting,🤔 but mostly it’s just dangerous!😳😳😲 Looks like another beautiful day on the way for us.🌞😎 Got up to 13 yesterday!😁😸🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
      Have a great evening Simon!😃😺🌙🌙

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      • Wow that’s a warm news 😍13 is pretty good, let it go upto 40🤓 Yup ice is dangerous indeed 😁 I’ll any way look at it everyday in my fridge 😜😜😜 Have a beautiful day Steve ✨🤗

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      • For us right now, that 13 is beautiful and should be 15 today with sunshine!🌞😎😽 It will never hit 40 around here but I hope we get lots of days over 30 anyway! But we have to wait awhile for that too!🤔😄😸
        Yep, that’s the best place to find ice!😁 Enjoy your evening Simon!😁😸🌙🌙

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      • 😁 I’m enjoying it Steve 😎 as you said I decided to post my pen art, and posted😉 You can be more confident Steve, global warming is real, I believe that might hit 40 coz we are going to hit 45 very soon. It’s getting hotter 🙄 I feel so. Don’t believe me,. I’m just blabbering 😂😛😜 Have fun 🤓


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