Daily Pics #132.

Good morning everyone!  It is such a beautiful sunny morning here, but also cold.  It is hard to believe having so much cold weather this time in May.  Normally we might get one or two days of cold in May but so far we have had 7 days in a row and more coming up this week.  But it has been sunny and that part makes each day so beautiful.  A smile is much the same, it can make any day sunny and beautiful.  And a smile is free, it costs us nothing to smile so why do we so often hide it away?  Let’s bring out our smiles and share them with others.  It’s amazing how a simple smile can make someone’s day.  It can turn other people’s frowns into smiles as well.  It can make people feel so much better.  It can help someone who is having a rough day by bringing a little sunshine to them.

I was out early this morning feeding Sir George and Lady Pearl, my two herring gulls, and of course several others showed up as well.  The sun wasn’t up yet but as I was out there “talking” to the gulls, the sun began to shine on the tops of the trees.  How beautiful!  Those trees, even without leaves, were shining bright with a golden glow.  And there was all the little birds singing in the background with many different songs, yet each blending together with the others.  So even though it was cold out there (and I was wearing my winter jacket…in MAY), it was still a very beautiful morning.  Always best to look past the problems and rather look at the beauty that surrounds us.

And now for some more spring pics to share with you…


Here we just have a beautiful sunny spot by the river.IMG_4221

We saw the male goldeneye duck the other day and now here is a male with the female (with the brown head).  These are fish eating ducks and don’t mind spending the winter here.  They are happy as long as there is open water and there always is water here along the river.  It’s interesting to watch these ducks in winter when the temp is -40, swimming along in that icy cold water.

There we have our pics for today.  I hope you all have a marvelous Monday, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

71 Comments on “Daily Pics #132.

  1. Stay warm up there Steve! I always enjoy your photography. I intended to take a predawn walk this morning, but Mother Nature brought some rain, wind, and cold. Looks like I am heading to my indoor bike in a few minutes.

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    • At least these cold days are also giving us lots of sunshine, though it is a little hard to enjoy it fully. Still nice though. It makes for nice photos when the sun shines.
      Hope you have a great day!😁😸🌞

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  2. Steve, beautiful photos. Here in the Far North our leaves popped out on Saturday afternoon. They’re opening fast. We had temperatures in the 80’s yesterday! It is supposed to be cooler today. Warmth like this is melting the snow! Stay warm! 😀

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    • Wow, you have temps in the 80s and we are barely in the 30s! Leaves are starting on some trees and shrubs, but it’s sure slow this year. But warmer weather is coming.
      Thank you so much!😃😺🌞

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      • You are welcome! The switch in our weather happened suddenly. We had hovered just above freezing in the day and below freezing at night. There was much snow on the ground. Went from this to the low 80s which we hadn’t seen since last July. It will happen for you too, suddenly!

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      • I certainly hope it happens suddenly, and it’s true, it usually does when things are late like this. Eventually it comes, though getting temps in the 80s is not something that normally happens before mid June or later.

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      • The 80’s are not normal for this time of year. We have had temperatures in the 90’s for a couple of days in late May. Normally we have more moderate temperatures.

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  3. I recall is this beautiful words “When you see someone without smile give one of yours” Smiling is a beautiful gift one can give it to others on a daily basis. The first one is that little sparrow right 🤔 wearing a winter jacket in MAY 😹😂 This climate is very rude☺️ and that’s a beautiful spot to sit and have a coffee ☕ The ducks are beautiful and are you sure they are not wearing anything in that-40 that’s ruthlessly cold temperature! How could they 😳 Nature will always surprise us! Have a beautiful week Steve and Muffin! Hope all is well over there. How are you and Muffin?✨🤗✍️

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    • Hi Simon, missed you on this one, you are probably in bed now.😴 Yes, the first one is a white throated sparrow (dusky variation).😁 Good quote there too. I know, hard to believe wearing my winter jacket, but I finally had to give in and wear it, just too cold, and everyone is doing it when out for a walk, some are wearing winter hats and gloves as well.🥶🥶 I haven’t gone that far, yet. My hands freeze, but that’s normal anyway.😁🤪 Yeps, those ducks are amazing critters to survive in such cold and getting wet too, they dive under water to catch fish!😳😳
      Hope you have a good night and a nice Tuesday Simon!😃😺🌞

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      • Very Good Morning Steve ✨🤗 I’m not in bed now, In the kitchen sweating 😂😹 Hope you’ll be in bed now. Have a peaceful night Steve 🤗

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      • Good morning/evening Simon! Just got back from shopping.🛒😜 Kind of nice shopping early but still not used to these other things, one way aisles.🤪 Minor details. But I got everything I wanted and more.😂😹

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      • That’s a great to begin the day with a successful shopping! ☺️ By the way did you gave that free gifts, “The smile” ☺️😁 I am sure you’ll never fails to do that. Planning another story today. It’s a good plan so far. Just thinking about the characters and an interesting introduction so that people will love it. ☺️ I am not sure how am I going to write with new office joining plan next week, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of works in my head. 🙄😳 I hope things will be normal after joining ✨ 😉 I must stop overthinking 😹. Have a beautiful day Steve and Muffin 😸🤗

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      • Well, I was smiling, but because I was wearing a mask I don’t think anyone saw it! Another story?🤔 Good for you,👍 keep at it!🙃✍ I’m still trying to write the next chapter of my story.😵😛 I know what I want to write, just how to write it is the problem. Tough chapter and important chapter.🤔😳🙀
        You’re getting a bigger office? Really? Good! Yes, stop all that thinking before going to bed, not a good thing. Make sure to drink lots of water.🤪😜☕ Enjoy the nice warm evening!🌞🌴🌴 Oh, and stop inviting those mosquitoes inside.🤪🦟🦟 Did you put up a sign yet?🤔 Have a nice peaceful night Simon!😁😸🌙😴

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      • Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 I was expecting that answer 😂😅 Sure Steve! You are going awesome, I’m getting sad that I’m behind reading your story and posts, gets busy for nothing 🙄 I’m sure you’ll surprise us, eagerly waiting 😍☺️. Yes a bigger office, and far one too. Good thing is I’ll use my car 😁 I’ve been using car for 8+ yrs and I still refuse to take car to my office because most places were very close to my house 😂. Thank you Steve, I’m going to read Ikigai book. A friend recently suggested so I downloaded it immediately 😁. We get free versions from certain place 😉. I’ve stopped opening my doors for them. After a day or two now no mosquitoes 😁👍 Sign worked too! I think 🙄😜. Good night Steve, I’m going to be busy for sometime reading it 🤗

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      • Guess you should be sleeping now, or are you getting up now?🤔 I knew the sign would work!🤪🙄🦟🦟 Hope you sleep well!😴😴😴

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      • I am awake now😁😉 I did slept well last night ☺️ usual getting up in midnight to ensure I’m feeling sleepy and slept again 😅😂 . Have a Good Night Steve 🥰

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      • It’s been a wonderful day😊, was preparing my last day adieu email✏️. A mixed feeling of leaving a company that made me travel so much. I want to be thankful and I chose the right words I think. 😜😁Have a beautiful day Steve 😁

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      • Ooh, last day, now starts the driving.😀🚗 I’m sure you will like the new change though.🙂 Always look ahead with a great attitude and with it comes great rewards!😃😺 Enjoy your evening!😃😺🌙

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  4. Beautiful goldeneye ducks ! It amazes me that the river does not freeze and the fact that the ducks swim in it ! 🦆🦆☕️☕️🙂😺

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    • The current is just too strong, so the water can’t freeze. The ducks swim and dive in that cold water! Have a great afternoon!😃😺🌞☕☕


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