Daily Pics #143.

Leaf of wild lily-of-the-valley.

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday to all of you!  Well, it’s mainly cloudy this morning but very mild so it’s nice as I sit out here on the deck with my coffee and listening to all the birds singing.  My one main squirrel is busy coming by to get peanuts. He is getting more friendly but still has a ways to go.  Guess I’m not sitting out here enough lately.  Sir George and 2 others are here for their breakfast, one tried to chase Sir George off the feeder but it didn’t work this time.  Must have been the same one that did it before.  The other regulars are not that crazy. 

Rickie, the ring-billed gull was here too.  The other herring gulls won’t let him on the feeder with them, except Sir George, he doesn’t mind.  It’s funny to see Rickie and Sir George together, such a size difference between the two.  So little Rickie sits next to Sir George and really puts that food away fast.  Between the two of them there is nothing left for the other gulls.  So I decide to bring some more out for them too.  The crows keep trying to get on there as well, but that doesn’t work.  I’m sure Rickie has watched the herring gulls chase the crows.  At the beginning the crows would chase Rickie since they are about the same size.  Now Rickie chases the crows.  Good for him.

Now a couple spring flowers to enjoy…


This beautiful little flower is called Scilla, they are about an inch (2.5cm) across.Scilla1

This one is also called Scilla, but it’s a different variety and hangs downward, the other one faces upward.  This one also only has one flower per stalk, the other one has several. But both are my favorite color of blue.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “Daily Pics #143.

  1. Apparently, you have a privileged seat to contemplate the comings and goings of the inhabitants of your bird colony. Very funny your story.
    The photos are great. It highlights the beauty that they have so that we can contemplate it
    A hug and continue enjoying nature

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  2. Steve, your flower photos bring the beauty of them onto my computer. It sounds like your bird feeder is a busy place. So good to know that it is warm enough for you to enjoy sitting on your deck. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Yes, so nice and warm now. Upper 60s early morning, 80s during the day. Early morning is a busy time at the feeder, slows down by mid morning until late afternoon.
      Hope you have a great weekend also! And thanks so much!

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  3. Such pretty blue flowers ! Our birds are not as friendly as the ones you have…the blue jays call when they want a treat…there is only one squirrel that will come to the door which makes us happy ! Have a good rest tonight ! ☕️☕️😴 😺

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    • They are beautiful little flowers. I spend a lot of time with the birds, so they get friendly.
      Have a good night!😁😸🌙😴


  4. It’s fun to read your pep talks with your little friends 😍✨ beautiful flowers Steve ✨ I’m giving one from my side too 💐😜 So beautiful pictures and lovely colors!! Have a beautiful Saturday Steve and Muffin 😹😸

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    • Thanks so much Simon!😀😺 Very heavy clouds out there today, so it’s very dark.😳☁☁☁ But still a nice morning to sit on the deck with my coffee.😁☕
      Have you tried the new WP editor yet? Apparently it’s harder to use, though some people really like it. I’ll have to try it out this week and figure out everything before June 1. I hope it’s not too hard to figure out.😬😕
      Have a great day Simon!😃😺🌞☕☕

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      • Cloudy 😳 it’s so so so hot in here, I’m sure it would’ve crossed 45 C I’ve been like getting cooked Inside house, imagining myself in a veg roll 🙄 too bad. New WP editor I ignored it, I don’t want it at all, definitely it’s not for me, at least now. I will take time to adapt new things 🧐 let’s see, I wish they’ll stick with the old themes 🤓

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      • Better try the new editor Simon,😀 June 1 they will be forcing us all to use it, the old way will be gone.😲 Yep, takes me a long time to change to something new,🤪🙄 I’m just not good with computer stuff and when a major change comes along,😳 I have a hard time.😂 It would be nice if they would add changes a little at a time, that would make it easier.😕 Hey, just thought of something, you get the new editor before I do!😛
        Still getting all that nice hot weather. Not hot here, but pleasant. Any time I don’t need to wear a jacket is nice!🙃 But hot is still better.😁👍 Too bad we don’t get that hot weather anymore.😭

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      • What 😳 I hate that already 🙄🤥 I think it’s time to adapt. Yes we can do that in time. Exactly!! They bring out something new everytime and expects us to use it at ease is a pain for us 😐 why should I get that in first place 🧐 so I’m your lab rat 😜😉 I’ll try Steve and let you know for sure. Not anymore 😲 but why? Is the cloud going to stay 🤔 I mean the climate.

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      • Yep, slow changes would be so much nicer,😁 oh well,🙂 hopefully I can figure it out.🤔
        It’s global warming that’s doing it,😂 that’s why it’s not hot here anymore.😳🙄 I still don’t understand how that part works.🤔🙄 Maybe that’s why they mostly call it climate change now.😳 I still say an ice age is coming, but that’s just me!😂😂😹😹🙄


  5. Beautiful pics, Steve! Btw, the new editor is not hard to figure out but you will need to muster up a lot of patience. After a few times using it, you’ll be fine.

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    • Thanks Eugenia!
      I hope the new editor isn’t too hard, one thing I heard was it’s hard to add the featured image, a couple said they couldn’t figure out how to do it. That’s a big one for me since I use it all the time. Do you know how it’s done?

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      • I use the featured image all the time, as well. In fact, I use several images in my blogs. So, I consider the featured image your main image (the image between your title and before your narrative). Also, the featured image can be selected from the tools area such as categories, tags, etc. I see in your blogs you have two of the same image below your title and above your narrative. So you must be inserting your main image and then setting a featured image.

        The new editor is set up as blocks and within the blocks are the same tools you are used to using. There is an icon for images along with paragraphs, quotes, etc. I feel the images are easier to size with the new editor plus there are a lot of advantages once you get used to it.

        Note, on the side where the tools are, there are two headings – document and block. Knowing which one does what is most beneficial. Good luck!

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      • Thanks so much Eugenia, this has been very helpful! I’m definitely going to need some practice to get used to this block idea. I’ll probably try setting up some practice posts to try different things.

        A couple things I noticed are missing, or I couldn’t find, is the symbols, such as for copyright, doesn’t seem to be anywhere. I also notice they don’t have the word count anymore. I have been trying to keep my posts to under 500 words, except my mystery story which is around 700 words per post. Now I’m going to have to guess, which I’m not good at, so my posts will likely get longer! Maybe there is a way to find out, but I looked all over.

        It does look like there might be some good ways to add photos though such as a collage and a couple others. I will have to try those. But I’ll do my practice posts first to make sure it will work.
        It’s too much change for me all at once. And choosing a text color certainly isn’t easy since I have to choose it for every paragraph. I wanted something other than their standard preset colors. There must be a way to save a different color. They have background colors too, might try that. I guess I’ll get used to it eventually!😁 I’m just slow.😂😹

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      • Word count – click on the little i with the circle at the top
        special symbols – you should be able to click on little arrow at top where you find the other tools but it’s not there in my blogs. I use – https://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html for special symbols.

        I haven’t found an easier way to use the text color except to highlight and then change the color and I haven’t tried background colors.

        You’re not slow it just takes getting used to. I practiced on my smaller blog before I switched Eugi’s Causerie to the new editor. Your idea of practicing and taking it one step at a time it the best way to go about it, IMO.

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      • Wow, thanks so much Eugenia!
        Never knew special symbols could be done like that, thanks for showing me that one.
        There’s probably some way to do the text color easier, but I have a week to practice anyway before this new editor comes to stay with us.
        That word count is an important one for me so that’s good! I’m trying hard to keep my posts shorter than I used to do!
        You have been a great help Eugenia! Thanks for taking the time to show me these things, it’s very much appreciated!
        I hope you have a wonderful week!😃😺☕☕

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