Daily Pics #220.

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! It was beautiful this morning, the sun shining once again and a milder temp. Not much bird activity, but Sir George and Lady Pearl were here early, right after Sir Charles had his breakfast. The chipmunks were here bright and early as well so I gave them their first batch of peanuts which disappeared rather quickly. But with 7 chipmunks, possibly 8, peanuts don’t last long out there. I have finally figured out a way to keep the crows away from the peanuts so now I don’t have to watch all the time. Such a simple answer, an old plastic milk crate upside down. The chipmunks go freely through the handles to get at the peanuts, but the crows can’t. Should have thought of that before. However, if my blue jays do come back then I won’t be able to use that idea or the blue jays won’t be able to get the peanuts either. We’ll see what happens.

Jasper was trying to get at the feeder again, managed to get a good foot hold on his second jump. Good for him. He was enjoying himself and I looked over to the rock hill. Jasper was running around on the rocks. What do you know, 2 Jaspers. They could be twins except that Jasper 2 is a bit bigger and overall I don’t think his color is quite as rich as Jasper. Jasper 2 also doesn’t like the chipmunks and chases them. Jasper 1 says, why waste all that energy, sit and eat. Anyway, Jasper finally noticed Jasper 2 and started to move to get a better look. He shouldn’t have done that. Suddenly…zip…plop! I could just imagine him waving good bye as he disappeared from view going all the way to the ground. Poor Jasper. Sometimes he can’t win. And he’s such a nice squirrel too.

The featured image at the top is another beautiful “cosmos”, a nice dark maroon. And in the picture above is another different hollyhock. There are so many different shades of the many colors of these hollyhocks. Not many survived in my landlord’s garden this year however and some colors are gone completely which is sad. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2020 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Daily Pics #220.

  1. The flowers are so colourful ! Poor Jasper ! Our gray squirrels have been missing three weeks…they are our favourites too !

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