Daily pics #246.

Good morning everyone! How are all of you today? It is a nice sunny morning here, but cool once again. However, the cool part is just a given from now on so guess I really don’t need to say that anymore. It is quite windy this morning as well. We had more rain last night and a couple of thunderstorms which Muffin didn’t like too much. I thought one storm was going to be real bad as all the birds disappeared before the storm hit. Even the crows were quite hidden among the trees and didn’t move at all. But it was just a normal storm, though perhaps it was worse for some, we did seem to be on the edge of that one. Jasper was quite happy this morning, he nearly had all the peanuts to himself. Only 2 chipmunks showed up. Jasper chased the one who grabbed one of the raspberry canes and ran down easily. Jasper looked then decided “if he can do it so can I” and off he went.

Poor Jasper. He’s heavier than the chipmunks and that raspberry cane swung down and around while Jasper was holding on best he could. Finally he was upside down swinging back and forth and he let go falling to the ground with a thud. He climbed up slowly and when he got to the top a chipmunk also came up almost right beside him. They stared at each other. I could just imagine what was going on in Jasper’s mind. “Not again”. Chipmunk=Ready? Jasper=Must we? Chipmunk=It’s tradition. Jasper=Sigh, okay, let’s get it done. The chase is on. The chipmunk flies through the air and into the raspberry patch with Jasper flying right behind him. Jasper lands on the ground okay but no sign of the chipmunk so he comes back slowly. Meanwhile, same chipmunk has already come back and has 2 peanuts by the time Jasper returns. But the chipmunk gets behind a flower pot just in time, Jasper takes his peanut and leaves, so does the chipmunk. Oddly, the chipmunk, Pocket, never returned after that, nor any other chipmunk. No gulls this morning. The blue jays were very busy though, 8 of them.

In the pic above is a type of rudbeckia, commonly called black-eyed Susan. This is the garden variety which is much larger than the wild black-eyed Susan. A wonderful and very bright flower that blooms all summer. The featured image at the top is a scene from along the river. I hope you enjoy the pics, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Daily pics #246.

    • Thanks Richard! The river here never has a completely calm surface due to the strong current so reflections are never quite perfect which is unfortunate. There would be some spectacular pics along here if it would get calm. But sometimes a bit of waviness is nice too for a different effect. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I liked the reflection pic of the river too ! The Black-eyed Susan was lovely Steve ! Jasper is so comical ! ☕️☕️🌧🙀🐿🥜🥜‼️

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  2. Susan the flower is so pretty 🌺 I wish we had flowers here. It started getting cooler here is as well and for once I’m actually happy about it. August was waaaaay too hot.

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  3. Thats a lovely name for a beautiful flower, black eyed Susan😍 Nice name ✨ and poor Jasper and his tradition 😂🤣 enjoyed reading about his tradition. Hope you are staying warm these days. 😸😸Good Night Steve ✨🤗

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