Good morning everyone!  Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada.  A day to remember those men and women who fought and died that we might enjoy the freedom we have today.  It began the 11th hour, the 11th day, the 11th month when World War I ended.  Originally called Armistice Day, it was changed to Remembrance Day in 1931.  The poppy has become a symbol of that remembrance that we wear before and up to Remembrance Day.  The poppy pictured above came from a seed of a poppy from Flander’s Fields.  My dad served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. He joined the Air Force in 1941 when he was 19. Other relatives also served in both World War I and World War II. Not all came back.  We should never forget those who fought for our freedom, and those who still serve to keep our freedom.

The top three pics are my dad, the second three are my uncle, great uncle (WWI) and my dad with his friend. The bottom pic shows my dad and others in their barrack. Thank you for joining me in this very short tribute for the very brave men and women who served and are serving, for our freedom. These men and women who served in the last World Wars also came back and helped rebuild our nation for us.


Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

27 Comments on “Remember.

  1. Yes, we need to remember the sacrifice of each person in the two world wars !
    Too bad that the Covid virus put a stop to all the parades, etc….lovely poppy and the memories of family in the wars ! ☕️☕️🌺✈️

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  2. Thank you Sir Steve for sharing this great post.
    Our heroes still fighting to keep our freedom and secure our lives.
    Much blessings for them 💕
    Have a great day with Muffin
    My blessings and love for you both 😊🤗

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