20/20 Investigations, Inc. The Curious Letter. Chapter 13.

I had to reach as far as I could, but I got the envelope and slowly pulled it out. As my hand came out there was a huge spider that covered the back of my hand. Is it poisonous? I froze. MEOW!=SPIDER! said both cats at the same time and they jumped up. I’m not sure which one got it, but they shared it anyway. Meow.=Mmmm, good snack. Meow, meow=Yep, nice and yummy. I stared at them. Well, so much for that. Meow, meow.=Don’t worry, it not on chart of poison spiders. Meow.=Yep, we memorize that chart. “Good thinking,” I said to them. After that little distraction I open the envelope which is obviously very old. There is a letter inside.

I think of outside, starting to get that closed up phobia in tiny space.

It says, “You have reached part way in your quest to find my treasure. But there is more to come. Look out the front door. The flying eagle will point the way, follow that direction and go straight down. At the bottom is a door, go inside and turn left. Now look straight up, look out the window and you will see the eagle’s quest. Go there, watch the eagle circle round and round, soon my treasure will be found.” Okay, this doesn’t really make a lot of sense. I show it to the cats. “Read and memorize the letter you two, it’s important,” I whispered to them. After a little while. Meow, meow.=Okay, I done. Meow.=I done too. Meow?=Why you whisper? No one here.

I think of nap on favorite blankie, not sleep much last night.

“I don’t trust anyone or anything right now, someone may be watching or listening,” I whispered again. The cats look at each other. Then I lit a match and burned the letter. Both cats ears went straight up. Meow, meow?=If letter important, why you burn? “If the letter falls into the wrong hands, then they won’t need us, so they would kill us,” I whispered. Meow.=Now we understand. Meow, meow?=You not good at memorizing, how you did letter so fast? “That’s why I wanted you 2 to memorize it, in case I forgot something,” I said continuing to whisper. “Now we need to find a way out of here so we can follow those directions. We looked for a couple of hours and found no way out of here.

I was about to put the envelope back in that hole when I noticed there was something else in it. I reached in the envelope…another small piece of paper. All it said was, “Out is in and in is out. It is the only way.” I showed the cats. Meow, meow?=What that mean? “It means the only way out is the way we came in,” I answered, “so there must be a way to unlock that door from this side.” Then I spotted something high on the one wall facing the attic. It was small and round but it was too high. I picked up Muffin and put her up to that spot. It was a small hole and she was able to look right into the attic. Her ears went straight up while looking through the hole.

I’m thinking of that old homestead and this curious letter and how they might fit together.

She wanted to stay watching for a bit but finally came back down. She whispered to me what she saw. Then she told Mr. Cat and his ears went straight up. This is certainly something to think about. Just like this new letter, this one is certainly a curious letter, mainly because it doesn’t make sense. And what Muffin just saw doesn’t make sense either. There is starting to be more questions than answers right now. And more people getting involved in things. But why? What is really going on? Who is on the wrong side and who is on the right side? Is anyone on the right side? Oh well, for now we have to retrace our steps and see if we can find out why she locked us in here. When we get back to the trap door spot I asked the cats to look around more carefully but they found nothing so we kept going back to where we began this little journey. We all looked around but there seemed to be no way to open that door. Now what?

To Be Continued.

Pictures of Mr. Cat are kindly supplied by his human, Nina.

Previous chapters and other stories can be found on my home page under 20/20 Investigations, Inc.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc. The Curious Letter. Chapter 13.

  1. Ok, the ‘look’ on your face when the cats eat the spider—and then the two of them like “what?” In my imagination is priceless, Steve! 🤪😻🖐😻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would have freaked out if a spider covered my hand ! Any size of spider !…so cats eat spiders ! Another reason to have a cat around ! Waiting for the next chapter ! ☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️🤭🕷‼️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, me too!🙄 Muffin loves to chase, play with and eat spiders!😸 That’s how I got the idea. Next chapter coming soon! Um, sort of.😳🙀🙀🕵️‍♂️👩


    • Good having the cats around to get rid of those “snacks”!😸🕷😸 I think we will soon find out what she saw and maybe find out what is really going on around here. I hope.😬🙀🙀🕵️‍♂️👩

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’m waiting for some light in this too, there’s getting to be too many questions and odd things happening. But I’m sure answers will come too. I hope.🤔😾😾🕵️‍♂️👩

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  3. Now what? door locked? break it🤠 no other choice, bring out the monster in you all 👍🦵💪ta da ta da … that’s it 😁 and looks like we have to page 1 again 🤔🤔 with lot of questions, what was in the letter with so many confusions🙄 im reading next chapter 🤓


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