Winter River, A Poem.

Winter River

Winter river, so calm and cold,

Ducks swimming past, slowly and bold.

I sit upon the rocky shore,

Enjoying this scene, just once more.

Right at the edge, is whitest snow,

Making the land and water glow.

The pine and spruce, with darkest green,

Towering high, add to the scene.

Water reflecting bluest sky,

Also the clouds, floating so high.

Such beauty by the riverside,

E’en through the chill of winter’s stride.

Winter river, flowing along,

With water cold, and clear, and strong.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Winter River, A Poem.

    • Thanks Sharon! The part where I go walking will freeze if the weather gets cold enough, unless there is a lot of water coming through the dam. Not much water this year so if it gets colder it will freeze. But further upstream it never freezes. So the ducks are safe all winter long.😀😺🦆🦆


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