The Investigators, Inc. The Inheritance. Chapter 8.

Meanwhile…Lena was racing around that curve and saw the bridge out, but too late…the car went flying over the stream crashing into the bank on the other side. Amazingly Lena wasn’t hurt much except for some minor cuts and bruises, and a twisted wrist. She was able to climb out the window of the car and up to the road. It wasn’t raining at the moment and she started walking down the road. She saw lights coming toward her, she hoped it was someone friendly. Soon a police car pulled up beside her and she explained what happened. They went back to see and then called for someone to come and put up more signs and a barrier again. Then they took Lena to the nearest hospital where she was checked and released. She called Rossana again and they talked a bit. Someone had clearly tampered with the brakes, they wanted her to die in an accident. After this Lena went to the airport and got a flight to a secret location where she was met by the police and taken away to safety. At no time did Lena mention me or my case to the police, she knew I wouldn’t want that.

Meanwhile, back with me and the cats…There was more stairs from the cellar that went up to a locked door, by the location I would say it was a door to the kitchen. We went back to the third floor to look around some more. Every room was locked, but I had keys for them so that was okay, I just couldn’t figure why this floor was locked and off limits for everyone. Before continuing I wanted to read that one part in the book, but…the book was gone! But how could that ‘ghost’ get back up here without us seeing him? There was only the one way leading up here from the cellar, unless the person came from Calanthe’s room. Perhaps he hid there and never did go to the cellar, and then came back up here. That means he is still here, or, back in Calanthe’s room!

“Come you two,” I said excitedly, “Calanthe is in danger!” Down we went to her room and when we got into her closet she said, “Okay, come out, or I will shoot!” Out we came, and the look on her face, both shock and relief together. She came over and threw her arms around me and started to cry. I took her to her bed and we sat down. Sobbing she told us that a ghost had come into her room from the closet and ran out her door. He was holding his side and groaning. Then she heard us, that’s when she took out the gun Linnea had given her a few days ago because of all that was going on. I told her she shouldn’t stay by herself so she quickly got dressed and came back with us upstairs. We checked a couple more rooms, but nothing.

There human in this room, better check.

Meow!=Check this room, human in here. Meow,meow.=He right, it human for sure. “Okay Calanthe,” I said, “stay off to the side.” I took out my gun and unlocked the door. I went in carefully and the cats darted in hiding in the shadows. There. On the bed. I went over and Calanthe peeked in the room. “It’s Giselle!,” exclaimed Calanthe. It certainly was Giselle, laying on the bed with a knife in her. Meow,meow.=It look like your knife. It did actually. I check my backpack and sure enough, my knife was missing. Hmm, this is not good at all. “It’s my knife, but how?”, I asked, “this backpack is always with me.

This look just like your knife.

Wait, the first night in the cottage when someone came in and left those notes. He could have taken it then.” “What can we do now?”, asked Calanthe, “we can’t even call the police, my phone has disappeared.” “And my phone is dead, and since there’s no electricity I can’t charge it,” i said. I take Calanthe out of the room, it was obvious she was having a hard time, I’m certain now that I can trust her and we will have to stay together from now on. “Is Henri a big man?”, I ask her. “Yes, he is taller than Karl, and big, a very strong man,” she answered, “do you think he did this?” “Well, there is no one else out here that could, so he must be our ‘ghost’, and now a murderer too,” I explained, “but why is he doing this?

To Be Continued.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Inheritance. Chapter 8.

  1. Oh, it looks like you might be in trouble ! Your knife ! Someone wants you to be charged with murder ! Be careful Steve ! Both cats can help you ! ☕️☕️🙀🙀🕵️‍♂️😾😾👩☕️☕️Did I beat Simon ?

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    • Yes, someone is trying to frame me,😳 but why?🤔 It must be Henri, but who is he really?😬 Yes, we must be very careful now.😒😾😾🕵️‍♂️👩
      Yes, you beat Simon, I imagine he is in bed now!😁🥇


    • My competitor 😀 You beat me 😦 … Quite often 😉 😀 love😍 to have such healthy competitors.. Challenge you on Uncle Steve’s First post in mrng 😀 😉 have a lovely Weekend 🥰

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  2. Wow Steve! Today was a busy day at work and I completely missed this!! I thought you were doing them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You could not resist sneaking another one in. 😂😁. So glad Lena is okay and safe now. Giselle is dead and they are setting you up to take the fall for her murder. 😳 I see a surprise ending coming in this that will shock us all! 😬🤔

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    • Yep, I was sneaky, but I realized that some extra chapters would be necessary to get this case wrapped up by the end of the month. I’m trying to do a new case each month, this one got a little complicated…so, there will be a couple more extra chapters, one on Saturday and one next week. 😁😺
      Yep, I’m sure now that someone must be after me, not Linnea, why else would they set me up for Giselle’s murder? But who is doing this and why?🤔 Maybe Linnea is involved too, but I don’t know her from anything in the past, so why would she want to hurt me?😬🙄 Very odd case. I hope it’s not too shocking!😳🙀🙀🕵️‍♂️👩


  3. Aha! Understandable. That is great you are doing a case once a month. So exciting! 👏😁. Yes, this one has so many twists…love it! 😳😀😂

    Yes, someone with some intense reasons to get you. I believe someone is pulling some strings and using people to get to you. Someone locked up perhaps? 🤔. We shall see! 🤔😬😳🤔

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    • Yes, and today we have learned even more, I think. At least I know for sure who they want now.😬🙀🙀 Hmm, either you found a way to read ahead or Muffin has been talking again.😹 Perhaps it’s someone from the past. Or someone I haven’t met yet. Some answers today, but not enough.🤔😾😾🕵️‍♂️👩


      • Yes, today’s chapter was very enlightening. 🔑🚪😂. Well, story to tell you, but it was Muffin. 😹 Looking for to reading more…this is an amazing case. Btw: I started out read Nancy Drew books and it grew from there. I love solving mysteries!!😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have always loved mysteries too and used to read Hardy Boys. I just hope we all live through this case,🙄 well, those of us still alive anyway.😬 Now we have to wait until Friday to find out what happens next.😳😾😾👩


      • That is great!

        Yes, I hope you all make it! You all have to watch out for each other. You are doing that now, but you are in a house of hidden surprises. 😬 Waiting for the next chapter on Friday…😳

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      • Yes it has and one that you cannot escape until the killer or killers are revealed and stopped! 😳😬. We know you three can do it!

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  4. GLAD Lena is safe now. poor Giselle lost her life. Do you think Calanthe would have done it 😦 maybe she is also a suspect, Henri uhhh you cannot trust anyone in this case, very complicated , more dangerous. Your skills amaze us with each chapter… Looking forward for aother exciting chapter… 😀

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    • No, I don’t think Calanthe could have done it, likely a strong man, probably the one who choked me, whoever he is. But I think there is more than one person involved, so I have to be careful and trust no one fully, not even Calanthe.😬🙀🙀🕵️‍♂️👩

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