Thank You Everyone!

Hi everyone! We did it! We have crossed another goal that I set a while back, that is we now have over 900 followers! Wow, that’s amazing to me. I know I have seen some blogs start up and they hit 900 or more followers in just a few months and that’s great, and it has taken me a little longer than that, over 3 years in fact, but that’s okay.


Muffin and I are very happy with these numbers I can assure you on that! Muffin was jumping around like a kangaroo after I told her the news. Honest. She really was. Though it might have also been the blueberry maple cupcake. She absolutely loves those things.


Of course I do as well. I would have been jumping around myself, but I’m not allowed to do such things at the moment. I don’t think my doctor would be too happy to hear about me doing such a thing. And I know my back would also not be happy with it.


And I need my back to settle down so I can get out walking again, hopefully soon, though it won’t be soon enough to take advantage of the nice weather coming this weekend. Oh well, there will be more nice days coming.

Sir George.

So, from Muffin and I, plus all the other critters around here, thank you so very much for joining us here at Steve’s Country!! I hope you will all continue to enjoy all the stories and photos each day! Have a fantastic day everyone and God bless!

Rusty and me.

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

40 Comments on “Thank You Everyone!

  1. Great photos Steve ! Congrats to you and your “ friends “ ! Keep on with all that you are doing to make us aware of our flora and fauna ! And stories ! And new games ! And your morning talks ! ⭐️🥇🏆‼️

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  2. Congratulations Steve, Muffin and all the critters in Steve’s Country!! 🥳🥳🥳That is wonderful! 👏👏👏. Your blog is amazing! It is informative, interesting, intriguing, funny and encouraging…thank you! 😁 Great photos above! Wishing you all the best in 2021…more blessings, followers and good times!

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  3. Well, sometimes those who expanded quick also burn out fast, but you, you’re still here 🙂

    Wah! I can finally see the king of jungle! 😁 Strange how similar you look to how I imagine you 😄

    Congrats and hope to be here with you longer… even if I’m one of those lazy reader 😛

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    • That’s interesting, it is something I have noticed, at least 3 people who expanded quick are no longer blogging after less than a year.🤔
      Eeek! I almost didn’t show myself since I don’t have any good pics of me, but, I took a chance!😳🙄
      Thanks Jessica! I’m very happy that you are here with us! Don’t ever go away! Muffin would be slapping my face every day!😂😹


  4. This is a cute blog post with a sense of humor too. Congrats on reaching 900 followers! This is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated! 🎉🥂

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    • Great, now Muffin has her little crown out again. Some have suggested she should have her own blog. I said no way, hers would be more popular than mine! Thanks so much Mr. Ohh! So happy that you are here!😃😺

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  5. yay!!! 🎉🥳 That’s great News’s , don’t worry, we jump for you ☺️😁 and you look so smart… and totally young… like 35 🤔 my friends looks like 67 by now at the age of 32 😂😂. And lovely photo edits for all… great job done 👍 Keep up Steve 🤗🤗 Way to go for 1000+ 😍

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    • Thank you very much Simon!😁 And thank you for being here at Muffin’s Country and…hey, wait a minute. Muffin! You did that!😒 (Yep, look better that way😸) No, no.🙄 (yes, yes, ask Simon, it look nicer that way, right Simon?😾 Remember, you take my side we all happy, take my human’s side and I bite his feet and he not happy,😾 so up to you😻) That’s not really fair Muffin.😳🙄 Anyway, thanks again Simon!😂😁 (yep, thank Simon!😹😸)


      • 😸😸 that’s nice Muffin 😉✨That’s nice Steve ☺️ that’s great simon so it’s you started the smoke 🤔😜 oh that was me ,😂😂 oops almost let it out ,😂😂😂 Have a wonderful day 😁🥳

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      • We’re having a great day, chasing each other around!😁😸 Muffin has a picture of you out and she’s throwing mud at it!😾 Did you say something?🤔 Hey!😳 Wait!😳 Where did she get the mud!🤔 My Plants!😲🙄 AAAAAAA😲😲😲😹😹😹


      • Oops😳🙄🤔 How will I say something odd about you muffin 😸 My apologies, you know I have a cat statue here I named it after you ☺️ and you should also know I have a huge cat family 😁🤗 Did you touched Steve’s plant 😳🤔 I’m sure you are not 😉 I will recommend to Steve, Hey Steve, she is good, you should check the glasses I think 🤗😉

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  6. Congratulations Steve! I appreciate the diversity of your posts as well as how you make any reader feel welcome and comfortable. Celebrating with another cup of coffee!

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    • Thank you so very much Ribana! Yep, I never thought I would ever pass 900 followers! But while the number of followers goes higher, the number of readers goes lower. I wish I knew why that was. One blogger, who no longer blogs, said my posts were dull. I was told recently by another blogger that my writing wasn’t as good anymore as it used to be. So I’m checking on that possibility now. I know since getting Covid it has been a lot harder to write. Thank you so much for being here Ribana! Have a wonderful evening/week!😀😸😻🌞

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