Morning Time, A Poem.

Since today is World Poetry Day, I figured that I really should post a poem today, Muffin is going to post a poem a little bit later as well.  So here is my contribution:

Morning Time

The morning sun shines o’er the hill,

Bathing the land, quiet and still.

Yet birds do sing since early morn,

With beauty, the land, to adorn.

Squirrels laze about in the sun,

Enjoying time when they don’t run.

Blue jays together, there they sit,

Enjoying the morn, every bit.

Gulls are soaring against blue sky,

And filling the air with their cry.

Now on the lake, a gentle breeze,

And morning sun, above the trees.

The morning time, oh ’tis so grand,

With such blessing across the land.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Morning Time, A Poem.

  1. Hi Steve, my earlier comment disappeared, this is really odd. Here it is again:

    Love this poem, beautiful! 😁🌞🌲

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    • Thanks so much Beverly!😁 This time your comment went to spam, that seems to happen a lot lately too, even for people that have been commenting the last 2 years!😳🙀

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      • My pleasure Steve! 😁. That is too bad, the kinks in technology we have to deal with from time to time. 😳 Oh well, the benefits of being able to communicate and share pics, experiences, encouragement, knowledge and so on with people across the globe far outweigh the occasional snags! Thanks so much Steve! 😁☕️🌞🌙

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      • Yes, minor irritations, kind of like a mosquito bite, but they pass quickly.😃🦟🦟 Hmm, bad example, not sure why I used that one since I have no idea what a mosquito bite is like.🤔🙄🙄

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