Wednesday’s Wanderings #3.

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful, warm, though cloudy, spring morning. If the forecast is right we could end up at a high of 86F to 88F (30C to 31C) today. Then thunderstorms come in later today and tonight. Plus that north wind begins to blow once more which will drop our temps as low as 41F (5C) with the possibility of flurries Friday and Saturday. And lots of rain coming too, and we do need rain, especially with everything getting started in growing right now. Lots of moisture is needed. Though a whole week of clouds and rain has it’s problems too. But we have had some nice weather lately which has been very enjoyable, in many ways.

Lincoln’s sparrow, this is a hard bird to photograph, they don’t come out in the open much.

Well, my deck flower garden is going to be a bit smaller than I had planned, thanks to the bear yesterday. Hopefully he doesn’t decide to kill off any more. I can still feed my gulls at least, they take their food immediately, so no problems with the bear. Terrible to see other birds coming and looking for food that isn’t there anymore. One little chickadee came right over to me, looking up, like he was asking “where is the food?” Sigh. I can sit outside and feed the chipmunks, but I will sit next to the door so if Bert comes I can get inside quickly. However, that only works on nice days. I still had some time outside on the deck this morning with my coffee, and bear spray ready. But I again stayed close to the door. It was just too nice to be inside. So I talked with Sir George and Sir Henry for a bit, but they don’t stay long.

Also talked briefly with Leap, the only squirrel to come around this morning. Pocket and Skamper came too, but they didn’t stay long either. I’m hoping that female red–winged blackbird is still out there this morning, I would like to get a picture of her. I did get the male, but he had his red feathers hidden, interesting how they can do that. The hairy woodpeckers have stopped coming for peanuts, so I guess their babies are now flying. There is a fairly big bush of some kind out back, it has an amazing tangle of branches making it a great hiding place for the little birds when hawks show up. Hawks are just too big to fly through all those small branches.

A Pine Siskin, who just finished eating a sunflower seed so his beak is a bit messy.

It’s actually in the neighbors empty lot out back, but branches hang over the fence. It has clusters of small white flowers which then produce clusters of red berries that the birds also like. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to identify this bush. I have discovered that online identification guides are not much help. I prefer a book so I can look at everything easily and not have to be so specific. Especially since it may not be native to this area. It’s the only bush I have seen like this one. It will be blooming soon so hopefully I can get a picture of the flowers this year. They don’t last long, especially in rain. It’s a beautiful, warm, spring morning, just perfect for sitting outside, which is where I’m going again for a little while. See you all later, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

34 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings #3.

  1. That pesky bear stealing food from the birds! Big bully! Wow! Your weather is as crazy as ours – from one extreme to the other. Have a great day!☕️☕️🥜🥜🌧 🐻

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    • Probably won’t last long, a photographer needs to take pics. We’re supposed to get a lot, starting tonight.😬🙀⛈⛈⛈


  2. I’m glad that the bear at least seems to leave the chipmunks and the squirrels alone…

    and what a change in weather, from the 80s to flurries!

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  3. Stay safe, and make sure you say a Hi with bear spray so you stay safe. Ciskin.. beautiful capture… Nice climate. So coming to climate I remember this is how my native is 10 months of rain 2 months of sun. Sigh, these days the rain are like hell in my native .

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