Thursday’s Thoughts #10.

Good morning everyone on this very sunny Thursday! Not a movement of air, it is just perfectly calm. But it is cool again this morning, wasn’t expecting that. The gulls have been here for breakfast and the chipmunks have also been busy. Slim has been here for a while too but with me out there he won’t chase the chipmunks. He’s learning a bit, not enough yet however. I haven’t seen Jasmine since yesterday morning, that’s not good. The chickadees were here this morning too so I quickly got some sunflower seeds to go out and feed them.

Harebells, a little smaller than normal because it’s been so dry, but still beautiful.

I’m not really feeding, but if I see them around I will go out and put seeds on my hand, and they will come down right away. Guess I wasn’t quick enough this morning however, they were gone by the time I got out there. I went for a walk to the river yesterday, first time in 9 days, that’s bad, I really need to go more often. I found some striped coralroot, one of our native wild orchids which I will be talking about next week. Unfortunately they were already finished blooming. They hadn’t even begun last time I was out there. I think the hot dry weather shortened their blooming time this year.

A beautiful male Canada warbler who was out gathering insects to take back to some hungry babies. These are about the size of a chickadee, so they are small birds and hard to photograph since they don’t sit still and usually stay well hidden in bushes.

Too bad I missed them. There was a lot of them in that area too. Oh well, might have another chance yet. I’m heading out shortly to a new area for pictures, a couple places that used to have some hard to find wildflowers some years ago, so hopefully I will get something different this morning. But I need to keep this short today, however I will show a couple pics from yesterday’s walk for you to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

104 Comments on “Thursday’s Thoughts #10.

  1. Lovely flowers Steve ! 🐝 very careful on your 🚶‍♂️…you may run into unwelcome visitors …have a blessed day ! Muffin, your human will be back ! ☕️☕️😺😎☕️☕️

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    • Not where I went, drove out to Dixie Lake picnic area to have a look around.☕☕🌞😀😁📷 Some great flowers out there. Muffin was waiting for me, kind of, she was sleeping actually.🙄😂😹


  2. Canada warbler, is this first time? I don’t remember seeing this bird before, it looks beautiful 😍 Harebells another beautiful flower 😍 Hope you had good fun 😉🤗

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    • I had a great time out today Simon, got a lot more pics.😁🌞📷 Yes, this is the first time ever to get a picture of the Canada warbler,🤸‍♂️ 📷I’m so excited to get that one,🥳 I have several more as he was flying to different branches.😁😺


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