The Investigators, Inc. Secret Of Lonely Road. Chapter 6.

I was thrown across the road by the blast, close to where the cats were hiding in the ditch. The girls were thrown out the other side and into the ditch, their clothes on fire. The cats ran out and across the road. They have fire retardant in their backpacks now as part of their new arsenal of goodies. They sprayed the girls quickly, then M.C. came back to check on me while Muffin checked the girls more thoroughly. Then Muffin called Baldwin right away for help. I was out completely until I woke up in the hospital. The doctor was there when I opened my eyes. “How do you feel?”, he asked. “Like I just got hit with a very big hammer,” I said slowly.

“You and your friends are lucky to be alive,” he continued, “that was a large blast from that bomb in your car.” Good, that means the girls are alive at least. “How are the girls?”, I asked. “They will be okay in time, but they were injured far worse than you,” he said, “apparently the bomb was closer to their side of the car.” “I just thought of something,” I said, “you’re my doctor, did you fly all the way over here?” “No,” he said, “you were brought back to France. I will bring your friend Baldwin in to talk with you if you are strong enough.” “I’m fine,” I said, “let him come in.” So he left and Baldwin came in. “Sorry,” I said, “I certainly never expected the case to be so dangerous or I wouldn’t have let the girls come along.”

“It’s not your fault Steve,” said Baldwin, “we all thought it would be something simple or I wouldn’t have let Calanthe go.” “The doc told me they were okay,” I said, ” but they were hurt worse than me.” “Quite a bit worse,” said Baldwin, “but they will get better, just take some time.” “And what about the cats?”, I asked, “I was afraid to ask about them.” “They are just fine,” he said, “they ran faster than the rest of you. And that fire retardant worked great on the girls. No need to worry, their burns were not serious.” That was a relief. “And the cats are at home, with Martha looking after them. I think she’s getting to enjoy having the cats around,” he said. I laughed at the thought of Martha looking after the cats.

“Another thing,” said Baldwin, “you are officially off the case. The police are involved now due to that explosion happening where it did.” “I kind of figured that would happen,” I said, “but it shouldn’t take them long to get things wrapped up.” “True,” he said, “and they will want to talk with you now too.” “Well, this is a first, not finishing a case,” I said, “I imagine the cats won’t be happy about that.” “Yes, they were hoping to get back at it once you got out of here,” said Baldwin, “but I explained to them that wouldn’t be possible. They were very disappointed with that news.”

Baldwin had to leave right then and I just sat back and relaxed. He brought the cats with him the next day. They jumped on the bed all excited to see me awake again! Two more days and I was on my way home. I had been in to visit the girls each day, they were both happy at least but both had numerous injuries. Someone definitely wanted to kill us all and I’m not so sure it was the young Thomas Bentley, he was the grandson of the original Bentley. The police had found him and his wife in the house. There was a cellar and a secret entrance into the cellar. They both claimed it was just them that were living there and scaring people.

I had told the police about killing that big guy but there was no evidence of anyone else being in the house. The smashed trunk and bullet holes were all there, but that didn’t prove anyone else was involved. That’s weird, why would they hide that? Young Thomas Bentley claimed he did the shooting and that I shot him with one of my sleep darts, which he provided as proof. But why would he take the blame for that? Now he’s got an attempted murder charge against him. He also claimed knowing nothing about the bomb in the car. That part I believe, but then, who did put the bomb in there?

To Be Continued.

Please continue to join us as our story takes a turn to become…”The Bomb’s Secret”.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

11 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. Secret Of Lonely Road. Chapter 6.

  1. All is not alright ! Who is left of the “bad guys” ? A bomb in a car takes an expert to do it…altho’ the internet has a number of ways to make a bomb … be ever alert ! ☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️😼😼🤔

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    • So true, all is not right. Has the case really ended? Remember, the bomb happened on Lonely Road. Perhaps the first part was just a distraction hiding the real intentions, which was to kill all of us. Perhaps?🤔😾😾👩👩

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  2. I have a feeling this case is not over. The bomb happened on the lonely road and the house still holds secrets. perhaps young Bently was contacted by one of your other enemies. They seem to have no trouble finding you.
    Laugh It beats all alternatives

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    • Yes, my enemies have always been well informed, right from the beginning. Good thinking, is the case really over or just entering a new phase of the case. Officially I have to stay off the old case, but this bombing is different, no evidence to connect it with the old case, therefore I can still work on this one. I don’t think young Bentley did the bomb, he didn’t strike me as being capable of that. I think the case was just to get us where we could all be killed at once. Getting us out of the way for doing something else?

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  3. I have a feeling this case is not over. The bomb happened on the lonely road and the house still holds secrets. perhaps young Bently was contacted by one of your other enemies. They seem to have no trouble finding you.

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