The Investigators, Inc. The Game. Chapter 20.

“I’ll do whatever I can,” said Brenda, “what would you like?” “We want to get close to Katrina so we can take her, alive hopefully,” I said, “and now that you’re here, that gives me an idea. You can bring us in close. You have captured us and you’re bringing us back to Katrina.” “Oh, yeah, that might work,” said Brenda, “put your hands on the back of your head, that’s how we bring in prisoners in Kat’s organization.” Once we got to the curve in the road where they could see us, that’s what we did, hands on the back of our heads and off we went. “Do you know how to use that gun of yours?”, I ask Brenda. “Yes, I sure do, we’re all trained to use a variety of weapons,” she answered.

“Okay,” I said, “now, can you use it against the girls you have been working with?” “Yes, I can do that,” she said slowly. “Okay, but if at the last minute you don’t think you can do it, then give the gun to Kat,” I said, “um, can you use that gun Kat?” “Nice to ask me now,” said Kat, “but yes, I can use it.” “That’s good to know,” I said. “We may run into a bit of a problem though,” said Brenda, “since I had to lock up 3 of the girls. If they were found, I’m going to need to explain myself, so get ready for that.” “How many are we up against?”, I ask as we get closer to the lodge.

“Well, there’s Kat, she carries a gun in a holster behind her back, just like your Kat is doing, plus a knife in her right boot, which she can throw accurately a long distance,” said Brenda, “and there are 16 others, plus the 3 I locked up, and they will all have various weapons, at least 10 will have these guns.” “Hey Brenda,” called one of the girls, “you have some explaining to do to Kat!” “That means they found the girls I locked up,” said Brenda quietly. Then she called back, “I don’t need to explain anything since I didn’t do anything. Call Kat out here, I have a present for her.” Kat came out with 4 bodyguards and I’m counting on the cats to take care of them. “Kat is mine,” said Kat.

“I’ve got the right side,” said Brenda. “That leaves the left side for me, and there are 6 that I can see,” I said, getting just a bit nervous. Amazingly Brenda and Kat didn’t seem to be nervous at all. Oh well. “Nice going Brenda,” said Kat, “but these girls have a quarrel with you. They claim you knocked them out, locked them up and took the cats. What about that?” “When I came to the building, Carrie was unlocking the door to let the cats escape. Judy and Joan were in on it. I managed to knock out Carrie and Judy and lock them up, but Joan got away and ran into the trees, along with the cats. I went to find them and found the PI and Kat instead.”

“That’s a lie!”, yelled Carrie, “she attacked us and let the cats go free!” “That’s right,” said Judy. “They lie,” said Brenda, “I demand a trial, it’s my right!” “That’s true,” said Kat, “okay, you two have brought an accusation against an officer in the organization which is serious, are you willing to go to trial?” The two of them hesitated. “They’re hesitating too long,” said Brenda quietly to us, “that’s a good thing.” “You have hesitated long enough!”, yelled Kat, “hold those two! And go find Joan!” “She ran off in that direction,” pointed Brenda, “that part is true,” she added quietly to us.

Two other girls ran off in that direction to look for Joan. “Bring them to me,” said Kat pointing at us. Over we went until… “It’s a trick!”, yelled Kat, “kill them all!” ‘Thwock’, ‘Thwock’, and two of Kat’s bodyguards were down. Brenda began shooting on her side, and I started on my side. Unfortunately one of the bodyguards shot and hit Kat and down she went. But she managed to shoot anyway and Katrina fell to her knees. Another bodyguard helped lift Kat and carry her toward the lodge’s door. ‘Thwock’ and the other bodyguard was down. Then M.C. took a long shot to get the final bodyguard but hit Katrina on the back, and she fell.

Just then the helicopter came and fired two rockets at the lodge entrance blocking that as a way to escape. But the one bodyguard had already gotten in and managed to get away. Then the police began arriving by car and truck and the remaining girls surrendered quickly. Even with all the gunfire only 6 of the girls were killed including Katrina, 4 by the cats. Things just happened way too fast at the end. I looked over to see how Kat and Brenda were doing, both had been shot…

To Be Continued.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Game. Chapter 20.

  1. I didn’t expect that ! Now we have to see how Kat and Brenda are…and which person got away ? Hmmm…be ever alert ! ☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️👩😼😼🤔☕️☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, one person getting away can be a real problem, depending who it was. Main thing now is Kat and Brenda, need to get them to a hospital if they are still alive.😳👱‍♀️🙀🙀👩🕵️‍♂️


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