The Investigators, Inc. The Old House. Chapter 9.

We all ran downstairs and Susan met us at the bottom of the stairs, face covered in tears as she is yelling, “he got her, the ghost got her!” “Who did they get?,” asked Kat. Then the look on Susan’s face! She suddenly stopped crying and yelling and just stared at Kat. That told me a lot right there. “But, but, it can’t be you!,” Susan exclaimed, “the ghost just took you and carried you off right through the wall.” “Oh my, now this is really getting exciting!,” burst out Tracy Kendall, “a real live ghost carrying someone away, why couldn’t it have been me?” Hard to believe really, and I almost agreed with her for a moment, but I held back.

“Let’s go check your room,” I said, so Kat, Susan, the cats and I went to look at things. “The ghost carried Kat, um, you, right through that wall,” said Susan. “I’m sorry Susan, but I was upstairs talking with Steve and the cats, it was Jennifer that was with you,” Kat said, “see, I have blue eyes, Jennifer has green eyes.” Susan gets a real puzzled look on her face. The cats check the wall. Meow.=No door here on this wall. So they go check around the room. Meow,meow.=Door over here on this wall. I just nodded to the cats. “Perhaps you just had a bad dream,” I said, “Jennifer is probably in her own room now sleeping, although she shouldn’t have left you alone like that.” “I wasn’t alone, Kat, or Jennifer I mean, was with me,” she said, “I know I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Sometimes when we get excited it can be hard to tell what is real and what isn’t,” I said, “maybe we should all have some tea, and then go back to bed.” So we all went to the kitchen. Meanwhile, “You got the wrong woman, you idiot, let me check her eyes…they are green!,” said the woman. “Well I didn’t know, those two look so much alike, ” said the man. “Well, now you know, put this woman back, I want Kat and Brenda, not this woman!,” she said, “and try not to get caught. I do like the thought of making Susan look like she’s crazy though, so put this one back in her own room.” So he did while we were having tea.

Now, back to us. Jennifer came walking down the stairs holding her head. “Wow, I feel like a truck hit me,” she said, “I just woke up, laying on the floor.” The look on Susan’s face again. She knows something that is going on here, that’s why King was killed, he was starting to tell me, so someone got scared and killed him. I don’t think Susan will break that easy, unless Kat and Jennifer can make her think she’s going crazy. She was obviously acting before, so she’s part of the plot. But what is the plot? What do these people want? And why? Finally we all head back to bed, but this time Susan is with Jennifer and Annelie across the hall from Kat and I.

We moved a bed into the sitting room for Kat and I, there’s a clue in this room and I need to find it. That little book disappeared, so that’s no help, but there must be something else here. And John must be involved somehow. Meanwhile, “Do you two girls think you can get the real Kat for me?”, asked the woman. “No problem,” said the second woman, “I can kill that PI now too.” “NO, that will come in time, but not now, be patient,” said the main woman. “If we wait too long he’ll get away, I say kill him now,” said the second woman.

“You will do what you’re told or someone else will do the job,” said the first woman. “I can do the job, I’ll wait,” said the second woman. The third woman, who would be going with the second woman, said nothing. As the second woman left, the first woman said to the third woman, “watch her, don’t let her get out of hand, stop her if she does.” The third woman just nodded and went out. They came to the doorway of the sitting room and looked in, a small table lamp was still on so they could see everything easily, but they couldn’t see the cats.

As they quietly entered the room, the cats quickly jumped on their backs, all claws digging deep! The two women screamed and turned to leave but Jennifer and Annelie were there with guns ready to stop them. The cats jumped off and the two attackers were told to sit on the loveseat. Then Annelie brought in Susan and sat her down on a chair. “What’s going on?,” asked Susan angrily.

To Be Continued.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Old House. Chapter 9.

  1. Eye colour can be changed by using contact lenses…have to be careful who you really have ! The cats make a good team ! ☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️👩👩😾😾☕️☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, that’s what Kat and Jennifer are doing, using the contact lenses to quickly change themselves into each other to fool the bad guys and hopefully draw them into the open. It’s our trick, though it could be dangerous for Jennifer, so we have to be careful. But it sure worked good on Susan, now I know she’s involved. Yes, the cats know how to handle things!😁👱‍♀️👱‍♀️😾😾🕵️‍♂️


    • We seem to be getting somewhere, at least we proved that Susan is involved. The easy switch between Kat and Jennifer with contact lenses helps to fool the bad guys. They did have Kat but let her go unknowingly! But it could be dangerous for Jennifer, so we have to be careful. But we’re not out of this yet.

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  2. Now we’re getting somewhere! I knew those Green Eyes were a clue that would come in handy!😉 I was wondering how to tell them apart!😉😁 Now let’s get Suzie to cough up some more info!!🤨🤨😁😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think Susan will be much help, she’s too stone cold, she needs some time to think about things a bit. Yep, green eyes and blue eyes. Now, Kat has the blue eyes and since the woman they sent back had green eyes, they let her go, but in reality, they had Kat and let her go. Jennifer was with me, blue eyes and all! Good thing those two look so much alike, and even talk alike now. But Jennifer is in danger if the bad guys figure out what we’re doing.


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