The Investigators, Inc. The Old House. Chapter 10.

“I’m the one that is angry right now Susan,” I said, “two people are dead and someone tried to kill my wife, now I want some answers. You’re involved in something here and I want to know what it is.” “I’m not involved in anything,” said Susan firmly as she stood to her feet. I pushed her back onto the chair. “Don’t try my patience,” I said, “two men are dead and you will be charged with their murder.” “I didn’t kill King, I loved him!”, she exclaimed standing up again. I pushed her down again, a little harder this time. “Thanks for confessing to killing your husband,” I said. “So what?”, she shouted, “you can’t prove it!”

Then I turned to the other two women. “Now, you’re names please,” I said. Nothing from them so Kat said, “that one is Jo, and this one is Brandi, I’m surprised she’s involved in this.” “Don’t you say anything you little witch!,” yelled Jo to Brandi. So I slapped Jo, quite hard. “Brandi, if you help us, I can protect you from her and whoever you are working for,” I said, “but I’m in no mood for silence or for lies.” That’s when Jo jumped and grabbed Brandi’s throat! Muffin jumped on her back again while M.C. went for her leg. Jo screamed and let go of Brandi so I grabbed her arms, put them behind her back and had handcuffs on her real fast.

Let me do questions, I make her talk.

Susan tried to run at that point but Annelie had her quickly enough and put handcuffs on her. “Take her to the other bedroom,” I said, “and Jo as well.” So Jennifer and Annelie did so and put handcuffs on their ankles too. But they still stayed with them. “Brandi,” said Kat, “we really can help you, I know you don’t want to be mixed up in this.” That’s when Brandi broke down and started crying. I decide to leave the room but I left Muffin with Kat and took M.C. with me. I figured maybe Brandi would talk more freely with Kat if I wasn’t there. I hope she helps us. We need a break, real quick, or by morning I will need to call the police in on this.

I know someone wants Kat and Annelie, but I keep feeling there is something else going on too. Finally Kat calls down the stairs so up I go with M.C. She whispers something to me before I go in the sitting room. Muffin is alone with Brandi, just sitting next to her and whenever Brandi moves, she growls. We go in the room together and I go over to Brandi. “Kat says you are not being cooperative,” I say to her, “so now it’s my turn. Who are you working for?” Silence. “What are you trying to accomplish here?”, I ask. Silence again, so I slap her.

I may not look tough, but you move and I rip skin off back!

Meanwhile, somewhere else…”I never thought that PI would be so rough,” said the woman. “Yeah,” said the man, “from what John said this PI was always a gentle type.” “But if Brandi breaks, we move in and kill them all,” said the woman. “Even Brandi and Jo?”, asks the man. “Yes, everyone!”, she responded. Back to us again…”Look Brandi,” I said after a long silence, “I said before I was in no mood for lies or silence, so talk!” “I have nothing to say to you, stupid cop!”, she yelled. So I slapped her again, much harder. “Hey, careful Steve, she’s bleeding from that one,” said Kat.

“Get her out of here and put her with the other two so we can do some thinking,” I said. So Kat took her to the bedroom and brought Annelie and Jennifer back. I make sure my machine is working good so we can talk freely. “Do you remember a woman named Cinnamon?”, I ask Annelie. She shivers for a moment. “Yes, she’s Katrina’s sister, and she is cold and ruthless,” she said, with a scared look in her eyes, “is she here?” “Yes, she’s behind this,” I said, “Brandi gave us a lot of information, then we staged a little show for everyone. Brandi is a good actor and a brave girl.”

“She also has wanted to get away from Katrina as long as I have,” said Annelie, “like Kat, I was surprised to see her here.” “Apparently Brandi owed Katrina a lot of money, now Cinnamon says she owes it to her,” I said, “so she does what she’s told or her son gets killed.” “I didn’t know she had a son,” said Annelie, quite surprised, “but Cinnamon would kill the boy without a thought.” “Okay,” I said, “Brandi has told us how to find Cinnamon, so we have to work fast.”

To Be Continued.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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    • That’s true, come across as being soft and you’re finished. But I sure hated to hit Brandi so much after she helped us, but it was actually her idea. We needed a good show since she was wearing a listening device so we had to work it all carefully. Hopefully now we can trap these people for good.

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