Wednesday’s Wanderings. #25

Good morning to everyone on this frosty Wednesday! It is a nice clear morning, though the sun is not up yet, and it is frosty with the temperature at 28F (-2C) and with the windchill factored in, it feels like 23F (-5C). But it will be warming up to 45F (7C), though it won’t likely feel that warm with the wind blowing from the north. So we are back to more normal temps for this time of the year. The latest winter forecast is for colder than normal temps for our area, from mid November to the end of February. Still, they could be wrong. Though not likely. But they could be. I can hope anyway. Sigh.

The sun is now shining on the tops of the trees. There are 3 tall poplar trees in the neighbors yard that still have some golden leaves on them, and they are really glowing with that sun hitting them. Looks just beautiful. All the birds are busy this morning, eager to get their breakfast on this cool morning. They are all looking a bit fluffy this morning too, keeping themselves warm while they eat. There are 2 purple finches here now, a male and female. Usually they hang around the evening grosbeaks, but they do come by themselves too.

White-breasted nuthatch

I have only seen one junco this morning, so perhaps the main flock of them decided to leave overnight, before it gets any colder. Those birds can survive the winter though, when they are at a feeder, but they seldom stay the winter. When Jasmine and Jasper came on Sunday, I sat outside and talked with Jasper for a while. “I see you and Jasmine are still together.” Chip. “She’s the only female around? I’m sure that’s not the only reason, she is very nice, and pretty.” Loud chip. “Oh, she wants you to chase her through the trees again this fall, like last year? Why do that?”

Loud chip. “Oh, she says it’s traditional, males always chase females, and you have to try and catch them. So how are you doing with that?” Loud chip. “Oh, not so good. She’s too fast and she keeps it up all day long. Maybe you could suggest doing something else for a change, like having a picnic.” Chip. “A picnic is when you go somewhere nice and bring food, sit around and relax, talk and enjoy yourselves. A very calm and relaxing time.” Chip. “You like that idea? Then suggest it to Jasmine, she just might like the change.”

Red-breasted nuthatch

Chip. “Oh, she doesn’t like change, except when it comes to rearranging your house? Still worth suggesting it to her, tell her I suggested it.” Loud chip. “Oh, then she definitely won’t do it?” Chip. “You have to leave now? Okay, good bye, come again. Here’s a big peanut.” Chip. “You’re welcome.” Off he scampers, trying to catch up to Jasmine who just left. Those 2 make a good pair. Hmm, I think the grosbeaks are out of seeds now, time to fill up the feeder. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

61 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings. #25

  1. Great pics again ! Our Blue Jays are very active here this morning…they are so cute ! Have a very good day , Steve and Muffin ! ☕️☕️🙂😻☕️☕️

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