The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 8.

There were 2 hotels in town, but one I definitely would not stay at, the other was quite nice looking so we gave it a try. I think we were the only guests at this hotel, though it had 30 rooms. We were on the second floor and I immediately tried out our new device for finding any cameras or listening devices that might be in the room. It is something developed at one of Baldwin’s companies and it works great. However, the cats and I looked around just in case. We sat and talked about the case for a while, Muffin and I shared the layout of the house and it’s hidden passages.

We also have to assume that John will not be alone, that means we stay close together and do not take chances. I am sure John will not kill us right away, he wants to play with us for a bit. It is his way of having fun. Still, we have to remember that killing us is his intention, so we cannot give him that opportunity. Somehow we have to strike first. I would like to get him to confess to some of his murders so we can put him in prison for the rest of his life, but that might be difficult. We were all tired from our trip so we went to bed early. The cats took turns watching our car out the window, to make sure no one gave us a surprise.

But the night passed quietly and quickly, soon the sun was shining brightly and we were all up and getting ready for our day, not really knowing what to expect. We do have several plans however, depending on what happens or does not happen. The hotel does provide a breakfast so we wanted to be on time. Kat and the cats were ready first so they went on ahead. I was only a few minutes but the cats were suddenly scratching at the door. I open it and Meow,meow!=Men come with big guns and take Kat! I grabbed my gun and ran downstairs and out the front door, but they were already gone.

We came back inside just as the owner came out of the kitchen with our pancakes. “Did you see the men that came in here?”, I asked her. “No, I have been in the kitchen since your wife and cats came down,” she said. Then she noticed an envelope on the floor behind the counter. “It is addressed to you,” she said. I opened it, shaking a bit, this must be John’s work. The note read, “You are not a very good PI Steve, you can’t even follow simple instructions. I told you to come alone with the cats and you brought your wife along. Well, now I have her and you do not.

But this does make things more interesting, don’t you think? Come to the house, the front door is open, there will be another note for you with instructions. Follow them this time if you want to see your wife again. I hope you did not bring anyone else with you. If I see anymore of your PI team your wife will be killed right away. You can trust me to keep my word on that! John” We were sitting at a table while I read this to the cats. They were eating their pancakes. Meow,meow.=You eat too, need strength to fight John, eat. Muffin was right, we can’t do anything right now anyway, so it is best to eat something while we can.

Then we went back to our room and got our backpacks. I phoned Baldwin too and gave him the news. “Make sure you tell the others,” I said, “I know they have been following. Kat’s life is at stake here.” “I get the message Steve,” said Baldwin, “I feel terrible about this.” “No time for that Baldwin,” I said, “just make sure the others know.” Then we grabbed the backpacks and went out to the car. The cats checked around it to make sure no one did anything, since there had been some time we were not watching. But it was okay and we were soon on our way to the old house.

We pulled up to the front of the house and were met by four men with shotguns. They took all of our stuff, one man driving off with our car and the others in their truck. The cats and I go inside. John, a woman and Kat come out of the kitchen. John also has a shotgun. “So nice to see you Steve,” he began, “now I am going to be very nice to you. It is you I really want, so I am willing to let your wife and those furballs go free, if you surrender to me.” “Don’t do it Steve, I’m not important, you are!”, said Kat. She had obviously been beaten.

“Okay,” I said, “you have a deal.” I went over to him and he put handcuffs on me. I was taking a chance, but knowing John, I figured he would keep his word. He took the handcuffs off of Kat and told her to leave immediately before he changed his mind. She looked at me, tears running down her cheeks, the cats had their heads down. Kat went and picked them up, the car had been returned so they got in and drove off. Down the highway MC suddenly meows=stop car, get out and run!

Kat didn’t ask questions, she just pulled over and got out running across the highway. But she only made it halfway when the car exploded. The cats made it safely across and came back to Kat who was lying on the highway covered in blood. It was just a few minutes and a car came along and stopped. Three women get out and come running over. More of my PI team. Meow!=John have Steve! Muffin was lying flat on the highway, crying, meow,meow.=We lose. “No Muffin, now John will feel the fury of the Kat!”

To Be Continued.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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