The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 15.

“Okay,” said Baldwin, “we are all here, we have our lunch, if you can call it that. Here we are in Paris, all this beautiful cuisine and you order pizza. Hard to believe.” “I didn’t boss,” said Rock. Baldwin looked, “5 hamburgers and 6 orders of fries,” then he shook his head. “How do you eat so much for lunch?”, asked Annelie. “Hey, all that walking around makes me hungry, and these burgers are small,” he said holding one up. “That is a meal in itself,” said Kristina.

“Well, you’re a lot smaller than me,” he said. Meow?=What you mean all that walking around? You drive car, we do walking. “Rock, you get out of that car and walk around too,” said Jennifer firmly. “Okay,” he said, “I will do more walking from now on.” “Um, are you really going to eat all those fries?”, asked Annelie. “Uh, well, would you like one?”, he asked her. “Thank you, yes,” she said and got up to get it. “What about me?”, asked Kristina with sad eyes. Rock sighed, “okay, anyone else?”

Ha, Rock sit in car, we walk.

He then looks down, “none left, I’m going to starve.” “There will be leftover pizza Rock, you can fill up on that,” said Kat. “Okay, time to talk,” said Baldwin, “I know everyone is getting discouraged, it has been 9 days now and no sign of Steve whatever. But we have to eat! That means you 2 cats as well, we do not want Steve coming back and seeing 2 skin and bones cats, do we?” Both their ears went straight up. Kat gave them each some pizza.

Not want to eat.

“And that goes for Kat and Jennifer too,” said Baldwin. They both sigh, but agreed they needed to keep up their eating. “We have covered this whole city,” said Kat, “we have advertised on TV, put up posters, the police are looking. It is like he has vanished completely.” “That is true,” added Annelie, “how could no one see him at least?” “Well, I am going to say something you will not like to hear,” said Baldwin seriously, “it is possible he has been killed or killed himself, that is what the drug is meant to do to him.” Meow,meow!=Me say NO! My human is alive still, we find him yet!

“Muffin is right,” said Annelie, “no giving up for us, Steve is out there somewhere and someone must know where. He has to eat, so he can’t be hiding somewhere.” “Not true,” said Baldwin, “someone might be hiding him, a criminal gang for example. Who knows what John may have put into his brain, he may think he is a criminal too.” “That will make it tough to find him then,” said Jennifer. “Yes, it would, but for now we keep looking,” said Baldwin, and we are going to switch areas now, and mix up our teams a bit. Jennifer, you take the cats, Kat, you go with Melanie, Kristina comes with me and Annelie goes with Rock. Chung will stay here and keep in touch with all of us.” They finished their lunch and off they went once more.

Meanwhile…”Was it a busy day at the bakery?”, I asked Carine. “No, not really, just some bad news for me,” she said, “the bakery is closing, the owners were not able to sell it because business is down so much due to the new large bakery so close by. So I have only one week left. Plus, I did not tell you this, but when my brother lived with me, he paid the rent for this flat, I cannot afford it. When he moved away he said the money would be sent to me each month for the rent, but it never comes and my brother is nowhere to be found.

I am 3 months behind in rent and my landlady has given me until the end of this month to pay or move. So I must move in two weeks time.” “And you have been looking after me this past week, adding to your stress,” I said. “No Bernard,” she said, “having you here has not been stress, you have helped me a great deal, just by being by my side.” She started calling me Bernard, her grandfather’s name, because she did not want to keep saying “you” all the time. And she said I needed a name, which I agreed with. It felt much better having a name even if it was not mine.

But right now it is my name and that makes me feel like I am actually alive. I sit beside her on the couch and put my arm around her, she puts her head on my shoulder. “There is something good though,” she added, “the owners of the bakery know someone in a town in another part of France, they also have a bakery and need someone to help them. So I can have the job if I want and there is a room for rent close by the bakery for me. But I do not wish to leave you Bernard. Would you come with me?”

“Certainly I will,” I said, “I have nothing here, and really, leaving here and living in a smaller town might be good for me.” “And maybe you see a doctor too?”, she asked. “Maybe,” I said, “here I feel too nervous, perhaps there I will not and I will be brave enough to see a doctor.” “Good!”, she exclaimed and kissed me, “but maybe I should not be kissing you, maybe yet there is a wife waiting for you somewhere.” “Maybe,” I said, “but I sure cannot remember anyone. I really do not remember anything before the day we met.” Then that awful pain hit my head again and I bent over groaning. Who…am…I?

To Be Continued.

Pictures of MC are kindly supplied by his human, Nina.

ÂĐ2022 Steve McLeod.

61 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 15.

  1. Having your memory “ erased “ is a very serious problem ! Time for the cats to find you ! Why is there a pain in your head ? The doc must have put something in there…hmmm…ðŸ•ĩïļâ€â™‚ïļðŸ˜ūðŸ˜ūðŸ‘ĐðŸ‘ĐðŸ‘ĐðŸĪ”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, the cats have been so close a couple of times! When I was in that “nowhere” state, my head always hurt then too because the drug attacked a certain part of my brain. It could be the same this time too. But they need to find me quickly before we move or that could be it for me!ðŸĪ”ðŸ‘ĐðŸ‘ąâ€â™€ïļðŸ™€ðŸ™€ðŸ‘ąâ€â™€ïļðŸ‘ĐðŸ‘ĐðŸ‘Đ😐🙂😊ðŸ•ĩïļâ€â™‚ïļ


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