The Investigators, Inc. Bernard’s Secret. Chapter 2.

Annelie, Rock and MC arrived at the airport just before 9 and drove over to the spot where they would meet with Ken and his 2 bodyguards. That was the deal, they were each allowed 2 bodyguards. Annelie had already given Rock and MC firm orders on what to do and not do and to wait for her to call them into action if needed. Rock didn’t really like the idea of her going ahead by herself, but he agreed to follow orders anyway. They parked at the far end of the parking area and Annelie went over towards a certain black car and leaned on a car across from it.

After a few minutes Ken and 2 men got out of the car and stood behind it. Then 3 other men got out of the car next to theirs and joined Ken and his men walking over to Annelie. “Hey classy chick, nice to see you again,” said Ken. “Grow up Kenny boy,” she answered, “don’t you know how to count? The deal was 2 men, not 5.” “I do things my way classy chick,” he said with a smile. “Where is my stuff?”, asked Annelie. “Right here,” and he produced a small pouch. Annelie put out her hand.

“No way classy chick,” he said, “color first.” Annelie held out a briefcase and Ken motioned for one of his men to get it, which he did. “Good girl,” said Ken as he looked at the contents, “thanks.” “My stuff,” said Annelie rather annoyed. “Sorry classy chick,” said Ken, “I am surprised you came alone. Now this is mine.” “What about Willie?,” asked Annelie, “I think he will want to know what happened.” “Oh, he will know, because it will be my story how you didn’t show,” he said with a big smile, “and you will not be around to say anything.”

“Willie will not believe you,” said Annelie, then she meowed loudly. “Hey guys, the cat woman!” and they all laughed. Then “Thwock!”, right in the middle of Ken’s back. The look on the poor guy’s face as he fell to the ground. Annelie did not want him killed, just stopped, she figured Willie would finish things. Then Rock grabbed two of the men, knocked their heads together and tossed them away. Then another “Thwock!” took a third man down. Annelie went into action kicking the two remaining men in the head, knocking them out.

“Get their guns Rock,” said Annelie. He picked up four of them and MC brought one. Annelie meanwhile, called Willie to show what had happened and he asked her to use a drop instead and he would deal with Ken. On their way out of the city they stopped at a little park and Annelie put the money in a trash can. Then they waited and a little old lady came walking along and picked up the money and off she went. “Was that the right person?”, asked Rock.

“Yes it was, we can go now,” said Annelie, “oh, she is not old, just made to look old.” “Oh, makes more sense,” said Rock, and off they went. They arrived home in time for lunch after dropping off the drug at the clinic. Chung went to work right away. Annelie talked to Baldwin, Kat and Carine along for a bit. “Willie was saying that it has been too long for Steve to come back,” she said. “Yes,” added Carine, “I believe so too, that is a bad combination. It is meant to work fast.

They use it on people to make them more agreeable to do certain things with the promise they will be helped. Or sometimes they just give them a false past saying this is what they do for a living. And people believe them because they cannot remember anything else. It is terrible what they do.” She shakes her head and begins crying. “I still think Chung can do it,” said Kat, “he is not your normal doctor, he will find something.”

The next day Baldwin took Carine and Bernard to the clinic so Bernard could have a complete checkup. Everything went okay and nothing else was found to be wrong with me. Carine needed to help Bernard getting into the MRI though, but otherwise it went fine. “I do not know,” said Chung to Baldwin, “I doubt I can bring his memory back, but perhaps I can stop things from getting worse.” “Even that would be a big help,” said Baldwin, “and that would give more time to find something to turn this around.”

“That is true,” agreed Chung, “I should have something to start in the morning. It will be a weekly treatment for a time and gradually be reduced.” Back at the chateau Baldwin told everyone the news. There was silence. “Well, at least Bernard will not get worse,” said Kat, “that is a definite plus.” “Yes, I agree,” said Carine, “but I do hope he will come to remember you, I really do hope that.”

Then she smiled at Kat and put her arm around her shoulder. “You are such a remarkable woman Kat,” Carine added. That night the dream came back after I fell asleep on the couch again with Muffin on top of me. I began thrashing around and groaning loudly. Muffin jumped up and down to wake me up and Carine came running in to check on me. “Why do I keep having this dream?”, I asked Carine.

To Be Continued.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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