Being Followed. Part 2.

Well, we left off last time with me saying “suddenly”.  And now we find out what happened to me at that point.

Deep snow and problems.

I walked over the edge of the rock.  And there I was, laying in the snow.  I discovered that when walking forward while it is snowing heavily it is best to look forward.  I was looking back over my shoulder at that wolf.  Which at that point was about 50 or 60 feet behind me.  Anyway, I went down about 6 feet.  Which really wasn’t so bad.  And I landed in nice soft snow.  On my side.  That was okay.  Except the snow was about 4 feet (120cm) deep.  Therefore, I ended up completely covered with snow.  Which kind of put me in a mild panic to get rid of the snow around my head at least.  Now, there was a couple of problems.  First, the snow was deep and soft, which makes it hard to get up.

Sometimes thoughts are not so fun.

Second was 2 large rocks right beside my legs.  Even though there was snow on top of those rocks, it still would not have been nice to land on them. However, there was a space between the rocks, just big enough for my leg and foot.  And my foot was stuck.  Probably wouldn’t have been a problem except for the snowshoe, which was wedged in there too.  Sigh. 

This year is much like that year.

My leg was sideways, so I couldn’t bend it at all.  And since the snow was so soft, I couldn’t push myself up too easily.  And then there is the wolf.  He was not far behind.  I could just imagine that huge head of his staring at me over the edge of the rock.  Okay, not a fun thought. To be honest, seeing that big wolf that close to me while I am stuck in between these rocks, would have likely been a bit more than exciting. My heart would likely have jumped right out of me.

Sometimes snowshoes are good for more than walking.

I decided to remove my other snowshoe.  Now I had something a bit more solid to lean on so I could sit up a bit.  But my other foot was not moving.  Hmm, good thing my joints don’t mind going in two directions.  Otherwise my ankle would likely be broken.  Then I spotted the wolf.  Still about the same distance away but over to my left now.  Hmm, somehow I don’t think that’s the same one.  A few minutes later the big fella joined the other one.  Great, now there is two of them.  Now, if circumstances were a bit different that would have been a wonderful sight.  And a great photo, except I did not have a camera at the time.

Even the terrain looked quite similar, though far from this location.

Oh well, being stuck in between these two large rocks and almost completely buried in the snow was the most important problem at the time.  Though being watched by these 2 wolves was constantly on my mind.  It was unlikely they would attack me, however, sometimes the “unlikely” actually happens, especially if they happen to be very hungry. But I did not want to think about that possibility. I will just convince myself that they are probably just curious, trying to figure out what I am… 

To Be Continued.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

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