Thoughts For Thursday. #13

Good morning everyone! It is a bit cooler this morning with a temp of 21F (-6C), cloudy skies and a strong north wind. That wind is what makes it feel so cold really. The birds are very busy again this morning, just like yesterday, although something scared the grosbeaks away just now. And the redpolls are just sitting in the trees, but they are moving so there must not be any real danger around. Perhaps my new neighbors cat is out there again.

He does come around now and is going to be a real problem as the weather warms up. I can see that my chipmunk population will shrink this year having that cat and dog team around. Apparently both like to hunt chipmunks. My neighbor says that the dog is the worst for catching chipmunks, that is, he catches them easily. So sad. There sure is a lot of those redpolls out there again. Plus there is one junco that I saw. Is it the one that tried to stay the winter? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

Baxter the blue jay.

I do not think that other one survived, I have not seen it since January. This is likely an early migrant coming back from the south. It is normal for the first ones to arrive the end of March or early April. There is half a dozen Canada geese around still, amazing they decided to stay. There is a lot of bald eagles around now, they came up and have been stalled here in their migration. Once the weather warms up nicely they will begin to spread out into their territories.

It is fun watching those little redpolls, there is so many of them, the trees are full of birds and they keep flying down to the feeders and onto the ground, but there still seems to be just as many redpolls left in the trees! The main platform feeder is so full of redpolls at the moment they would not be able to put another bird on there. Oops, I was wrong, another one pushed her way on, amazing, and they can still move around.

Baxter once again.

Hmm, back up to the trees they fly in a huge cloud of birds. But they are coming back down quickly, one had stayed behind again, so that gets the others coming back more quickly. I decided to show some blue jay photos today, I have not been showing them much this winter since they have not been around much. I think it is time for more coffee, anyone want a cup? Thank you for reading, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Praying for the people of Ukraine)

©2022 Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “Thoughts For Thursday. #13

  1. I do not know how you drink your coffee without cream and a couple of sugar lumps …like the Swedes do ! Thanks for the extra cup of coffee today ! Amazing birds ! ☕️☕️☕️☕️🙂😻

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  2. Beautiful photos, Steve. The large tree next to our balcony is finally getting green leaves so I feel spring has sprung. We’re seeing more birds and squirrels, which is great entertainment. Our doves are still nesting in our hanging plant so now it is a wait and see what happens next. I drink my coffee black! 🥳🐦🦆🍄🌳🌸 ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️

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    • That’s great! I’m looking forward to seeing leaves once again. Birds have started to slowly trickle in from the south, one chipmunk is around now. Another black coffee drinker, fantastic! Doesn’t seem to be many of us around!😁😻🌞☕☕🍃🌿

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