Tuesday’s Chatter. #16

Good morning to everyone! I sure hope that you all are having a good start to your day! A big “oops” on my part for not having my “Musings For Monday” post yesterday. Monday has been my shopping day for some time now and I like to go when the store opens, I just do not like crowds when I shop. This way there is less chance of having something “happen” to me while shopping.

Redpolls on one of the feeders.

And that part is nice. Though it did give me some comical things to talk about. Not to worry though, some things still happen and I will share them soon. But due to recent falls, I was in a lot of pain by the time I got back home, so my morning post disappeared. Things happen sometimes. It is a beautiful, sunny, winter morning here. The temp is 17F (-8C), but it is supposed to warm up to 41F (5C). That would make this our warmest day in quite some time.

However, it is short lived, and tomorrow will be cooler with more snow, 2 to 4 inches more. By the looks of things there will still be snow on the ground when May 1 arrives. It is supposed to stay below normal temps until at least mid May, then suddenly jump into summer temps. I do like that part. We will see what happens. Most of the redpolls have left us now, heading to the far north for their breeding season.

Little female redpoll.

But the number of juncos is increasing rapidly now as more come in from the south. There is well over a hundred of them now. Evening grosbeak numbers are fewer as well and the ones that are still here only come for a short time each day. That hawk still comes around several times each day and was here for its breakfast a little earlier. I am not sure if it caught anything though. All of my gulls are back again, where they went for those few days I am not sure, but it is nice to have them here again anyway.

There are several purple finches here now as well, but trying to get pictures of them has not been easy. I will try again today. That bright red shows up so nicely on a sunny day, but it needs to be morning sun for best results. So far I have not seen them this morning, I hope that does not mean they have moved on somewhere else. It would be nicer if I could get a picture without all that snow in the background, but, this will be okay for now.

Pretty little junco.

There is still only one grackle back which is very unusual, normally all of them would be back by now. Oh well, it is just one of those years. Hmm, that hawk flew through again so the birds have scattered. Just when I was going to head out there for some photos. Now it will take some time for the birds to come back. So perhaps I will do some cleaning first, that will give more time for it to warm up a bit too. Thank you for reading today, I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Praying for the people of Ukraine)

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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