Thoughts For Thursday. #16

Good morning everyone! Well, it is cloudy, 34F (1C) and we keep getting flurries this morning. Yesterday we received another 4 inches of snow. I know I said there would be no more snow pictures, but, it keeps snowing, so I have no choice. Unless I bring out some of my photos from last year, which I think is a good idea. At least until we finally get spring here.

A rather forlorn looking junco in the snow yesterday. Those white streaks are snowflakes.

There is another major winter snow storm on the way, but apparently we will get rain here while snow will fall to the west of us. That is kind of odd, but rain is better than snow right now. It will actually help to melt our snow. However, it is going to get cold again afterward and give us some snow and because it will freeze, there will be a lot of ice. There is a lot of ice now. The driveway here is nothing but ice and snow.

And I have to take out my trash to the street this morning for pick up. That should be fun. Although not in the “fun” meaning of fun. There are a lot of birds still. More redpolls showed up yesterday so there are well over 100 of them again. Plus that number of juncos. Three red-winged blackbirds are here but refuse to cooperate for photos. A Cooper’s hawk showed up yesterday and sat nicely just about 20 feet from my deck.

Another female purple finch, but this one is looking at me.

I quickly got my camera and just as I focused on it, it flew away. So no picture. That hawk has been coming around several times a day to look for food, that is, the little birds. Cooper’s hawks are bird hawks, and they will eat 2 or 3 small birds a day. They are about the size of a crow. Speaking of crows, one of them swooped down and caught a redpoll on the feeder and flew off with it. They do not often go after birds, unless food is scarce.

This time of year about 80% of their food is bugs, but the ground is still covered with snow. Rickie, my ring-billed gull friend has finally returned. So now all of my gulls are back. I was outside for a bit to try and get some photos this morning, but it is cold out there. Even with a temp of 34F. It is very damp out there, plus there is a strong north wind again. We have had a lot of those strong north winds this year. That is why it does not want to warm up.

Another photo of Jasper, much the same as the last one, but on a different day, and more snow in the background.

I may change my posting a bit starting next week, getting ready for summer. I hope we get summer this year. I know there will be summer, but will it be a warm summer, or a cool summer? Guess we will find out. Time to drag my trash out to the street, hopefully without falling. That will not be easy. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Praying for the people in Ukraine)

©2022 Steve McLeod.

6 Comments on “Thoughts For Thursday. #16

  1. Great pics Steve ! We are suppose to have temperatures above normal in the summer…in other words hot…we did not get the snow you received…just rain and sleet…the poor redpoll 😢 !

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    • Yes, they are saying that, but it is a little early for their summer forecast. Here it is supposed to be normal temps. It’s a little colder over here, guess that’s why we got the snow. Have a great day!😊😻❄️❄️☕☕🌞


    • Hi Richard, thanks for stopping by! Yes, eventually things will change though we are supposed to remain well below normal until mid May, then it’s supposed to enter summer!😊😺

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      • Yes, it will be a very short slice this year. But right now it’s raining, with thunderstorms coming our way tonight and tomorrow. But colder with more snow coming Sunday night to Monday night.

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