Muffin’s Midweek Mews. #8

Hi everyone, Muffin here again!😺

I hope you having good week! Today we have more about spending time outside and all the good things it does for us, especially for human people who spend way too much time inside sitting in front of screen things. That not good, need to get outside and here another reason to do so. Spending time outside actually improves sleep. It help your body to set it’s sleep cycle properly. Cells in your eyes need enough light to get your internal clock working right.

While you go outside, I nap in sunshine. Good night.

Not know that human people have clock inside them, but guess they do. Early morning sunlight in particular is best to help human people to get good night’s sleep. Who would think that? But it work. This even more important as you get older because eyes not able to absorb light as good and older people usually have more problems with sleeping good. Must make sure my human read this and not just type it. So there we have another good reason to spend time outside, so not just talk about it, go ahead and do it! I hope all of you have meowvelous day!


Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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