Tuesday’s Chatter. #20

Good morning to all of you on this beautiful sunny Tuesday! I must admit, it certainly was cool this morning with a temp of 36F (2C), but at least there was no frost. Getting frost this time of year can be very damaging to the new leaves just coming out and also to any flower buds. Well, there is not much action at the feeders this morning. It was busier earlier but the neighbors cat came around and scared them away. It is now an hour later and the birds are just starting to come back I see.

Sir Henry looking for more food the other day.

Hmm, I was wrong, something scared them again, and it is Sir Henry. This is his second trip this morning. Perhaps Lady Patricia, his mate, wanted something besides fish for breakfast. She would be sitting on eggs right now so Sir Henry provides her food at this time so she does not need to leave the nest unattended. There is still one rose-breasted grosbeak around, the others have gone elsewhere. I am really hoping this one will stay here and hopefully attract a mate.

It would be great to have them nest in the area. My Baltimore oriole seems to have gone somewhere else too. I did not see him on Sunday or yesterday. I was hoping he would stay here as well since they do nest in our town. But I am still very happy that I was able to get many nice photos of him anyway. Now to get the female, she is quite different in color, olive on top and yellow underneath. There is always something more to add to my collection of bird photos.

Harris’ sparrow, only 2 left now.

Poor Skitter, one of the chipmunks, he lost most of his tail, now it is just a short stump of a tail. Perhaps that cat caught hold of him and bit the tail off. That often happens when there are cats roaming around. It is actually not legal in our town to allow cats to roam loose, but people still do it. But Skitter still comes around, those peanuts are just too good.

I am hoping to get a walk in today down to the river. More rain is coming for the next 3 days and it will be getting much cooler again. So today is my only chance until next week. There is already clouds arriving, so maybe I will not get a chance for a walk after all. I like to have the sun shining when I go to the river, everything looks so much nicer and photos look nicer as well when the sun shines.

Male red-winged blackbird with just a bit of red showing.

Plus it is a bit warmer when it is sunny and since it is not supposed to be that warm today then sunshine would be very welcome indeed. My mourning dove seems to have gone elsewhere too, that is quite strange, I thought for sure it would stay around. It would have been nice to get pics of him in the sun as well. But that is okay, another time perhaps. Well, time for more coffee, will you join me? Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Praying for the people of Ukraine)

©2022 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Tuesday’s Chatter. #20

  1. Yes, rain is already here and suppose to last until Saturday…your poor chipmunk ! 🐿😲😢 rest tonight ! ☔️☔️🙂😻😴

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    • The clouds are getting darker here now so rain will likely begin soon, supposed to be a lot for a couple of days, perhaps snow too by Friday! Hope you have a good night of sleep!😊😻☕☕🌙


    • Hi Saba! So nice to see you again!😁 We are doing okay though I am still fighting health problems. Muffin sends purrs to you!😻 Are you finished all your exams now?🤔😊😻☔☔

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      • That’s not good Sir Steve. Kindly, look for some assistance if you haven’t already. You need someone to look after you.
        Alhamdulillah! Done with exams. Today was last exam.
        Now! Am back in action 😺

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much for your concern Saba, I have checked things out and everything available is just too expensive for me. They told me that if I get to the place where I can’t walk then I could get free help, but I would prefer to keep walking even though I don’t walk so well anymore.
        Oh, that sounds great Saba! I hope you have done well with all your exams! And it is great to have you back again!😊😻☔

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