Coffee And Chatter. #1

Good morning everyone on this very beautiful, sunny Tuesday! Please help yourself to a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with Muffin and I as we look out from the deck. It really is very nice out there this morning. When I went out to feed the birds I decided to stay out there for a while and enjoy the beauty of the early morning.

Common grackle with blue head.

Birds were singing in every direction, some of them were sitting in the bushes and trees out back waiting for their breakfast. Sir George was here first for his breakfast. He gets fed first too and then while he is eating I put out the other feeders and peanuts for the chipmunks and squirrels. There are not many birds around right now, spring is finally here and the birds are out getting their territories and building nests.

Common grackle with purple head.

Some are past that and have eggs or young in the nest already. Others, like the blue jays, have their young flying around now. Baxter and Betty, my two main blue jays, have 3 young this year and they are all here off and on throughout the day. I have not seen the rose-breasted grosbeaks since Sunday, so I guess they have moved on somewhere else.

Perhaps they are still close by but are busy with nest building now. So maybe they will be back now and then. The two male Baltimore orioles are still here, though I have not seen the female since Sunday. I sure hope they stay around and nest close by. It would be great to get pictures of their young. I am showing some of our blackbirds today.

Male cowbird.

They are not really very black when seen up close and in the sun. They are actually quite colorful. We have a couple different grackles, ones with blue heads and ones with purple heads. And some have a mix of blue and purple. At one time there were 2 distinct species of grackles here, the purple grackle and the bronzed grackle. There were other species of grackles too, but those are the 2 we had. Now they are considered one species since they can interbreed, so now we have the common grackle.

But that is why the two different colors of heads. Then there is the cowbird, I am showing the male, I need to try and get a pic of the female today, thought I had already done that, but apparently not. I hope you enjoy the photos today, thank you for joining us, have a most wonderful day and God bless!

Our Photo of the Week: An early morning photo of clouds as Sir George, the herring gull, looks on.

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

9 Comments on “Coffee And Chatter. #1

  1. Look at the dense clouds at the centre 😍 nice view, and the black birds are not really black, as you said they are pretty colourful and birds can witness the beauty 🙂 I wonder how the colours will be for us 😍 nature is as amazing as it always is. beautiful shots of pictures, have a nice day uncle Steve ☀️😇

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Simon! Yes, black birds only look black at a distance but up close and with the sun reflecting on them, they are really very colorful. Beautiful really. Have a great day Simon!😊😻🌞📷🌄


  2. Our Blue jays are building another nest ! Hope they are successful this time ! I guess your bears are busy elsewhere…coffee was great this morning ! Thanks ! Sleep well tonight ! 🙂😻🐻😴

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, that’s good, jays don’t often try a second time so that is nice to see! I hope they stay busy elsewhere! Glad you enjoyed the coffee, have a good night’s sleep as well!😊😻📷☕☕😴😴


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