Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #6

Good morning to everyone on this beautiful Thursday! The coffee is ready and it is time to sit and relax for a bit. It was so nice early this morning, sky was clear blue, the sun was shining and then…the clouds moved in and so did the wind. However, now it is a mix of sun and cloud. However, the wind remains strong which will make it challenging for pictures today. It is quite difficult to take a photo of an insect that is holding onto a leaf which is blowing back and forth in the wind.

But, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. On Tuesday I saw a beautiful dragonfly, all a nice shiny gold, even the wings reflected a gold color in them. I tried to sneak up behind it, but to no avail, it flew and I never found it again. I went back to that spot yesterday and got pictures of a different dragonfly, but that beautiful gold one was nowhere to be seen. I will try again today if the sun continues to shine.

Beautiful peony.

Taking photos of insects can be quite fun, there are so many different species and some are quite colorful. Like that little green bee I have been trying to get. Thought I had it, but it just was not clear enough. So I am still trying. That is the one that stung me earlier. It also stung me twice last year. Not the same bee, but the same species. Then yesterday morning I spotted this little bug on a leaf. Aha, I have been trying to get its photo too.

So I slowly move in, and had to move a few leaves out of the way, amazingly it did not move. So I am right next to this little tree and something catches my eye, off to my right, just as I am about to take my picture. I move my eyes a bit to get a better look. I was horrified. There, sitting on a leaf, right next to (and I mean right next to) my cheek was a Bald-faced Hornet! These critters are huge and can be very mean. They have a large stinger and can sting multiple times. It can be bad, and painful.

Lighter pink peony.

So I move very slowly, hoping I do not disturb it. It sits there but crawls around a bit on the leaf. I get nervous. But hey, what an opportunity. I move my camera slowly over and take several pics of this hornet. The noise of the camera, though quiet, must have got its attention and it began to fly circles around me. Now what? Running is not a good option.

So like the nature photographer I am, I did the only reasonable thing. Faint. I laid down first so I would not hurt the camera. Whew, he left. So did I. In a hurry. Back down the hill and…stop Steve! That huge wasp was flying slowly back and forth across the narrow garden path. Great. Now what? Oh, what is this? Another tiny flying insect on one of the potentilla flowers. I have been trying to get a photo of that one too.

Similar to the top one, but different.

Suddenly my brain shuts down to the fact of this huge wasp flying around and all I can see is this other tiny insect. But I missed again. However, the wasp also disappeared. Somewhere. So I left in a hurry and came back inside for a break. Well, I hope you enjoyed our coffee time today, thank you for coming by! Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #6

    • Thanks C.A.! The insects get their own post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Started it yesterday. It will be the first post of the day. Not everyone likes insects so giving them their own post is just a better way to do it. I may add another one on the weekend too if I have time. I’m getting a lot of insect photos now. Yes, those critters do sting hard I’m told and some people get a very bad reaction from it even if they don’t from bees. Enjoy your day!😊😻📷☕☕

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  1. You are trying so hard to get the pictures of the little insects, but be careful. Glad you missed the bald hornet 😅 may be they are watching you with an army in the back up😝 so next time, better think about the army😂 and take a safe photography🤗🤗 Have a wonderful day🥰✌️😁

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    • Yes, I definitely need to pay more attention to what is going on around me while I am taking pictures!😂😹😮📷 Hard to do though when I need to keep my eyes on the insect in front of me. Oh well. At least I didn’t get stung anyway, those hornet stings are bad!😬🙀🐝 He was out there again today, right where I wanted to take pictures, so I went somewhere else first and came back to that spot later when he was gone. Thank you Simon, have a great Friday!😁😻☕☕🌞😎🦋🐝🐞🪲


      • Ha ha ha, so now you are careful😅. Which is really good🤗 yes, pay more attention as it is always free😁 waiting for your beautiful shots😍 Keep going 😍 Have a great Friday🥳✨

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  2. You have beautiful pics of flowers ! Insects are just protecting their transportation of pollen back to their hives ! 😂😂❗️

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    • Thank you Sharon! Well, hornets actually eat other insects and this hornet was likely waiting for some insect to fly by. I just happened to get too close!😬🙀🐝📷


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