Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #7

Good morning everyone! It is time for coffee once again as we sit and watch the action on the deck. Speaking of action. Today is garbage pickup day, which is fine since they do not pick it up until at least 11am. No problem, I have lots of time. Right. I heard the truck go by at 9am. NO! Fortunately they do the other side of the street first, go down to the end and come back to do this side.

Tall Buttercup.

That gives me about 10 minutes. No problem. Right. It is amazing how quickly 10 minutes goes by when you are in a hurry. I think clocks deliberately move faster when people are in a hurry. I finally have everything ready and have not heard the truck return yet, which is good, so down the stairs I go with this trash can, which is on wheels.

It kinda got away from me and bounced its way down the stairs pulling me along with it. It stopped on the platform at the bottom of the stairs with a sudden Whump! Which means I did too. And we both rolled together onto the grass. Which was wet from the rain last night. Now I was wet too. The morning is not off to a good start. But even with all that I managed to get it out to the street just in time as the truck came to a stop when the driver spotted me. Sigh.

Southern Wood Sorrel.

Jasmine is still learning. Not that I should say anything after this morning. Anyway, Jasmine was out there eating and Pocket came along up the side of the deck. He just got on the deck and Jasmine chased him. He made a hard right turn and down the side of the deck. Jasmine tried that too. But she went head first into a post. She sat and shook her head. Then she went back to eating. While she was going back to the food, Skamper came up onto the deck and ran right toward her.

Maybe he just did not see her, I am not sure, but it was not really a smart thing to do. Jasmine jumped. Skamper jumped even higher. Both got a bit confused not quite knowing what had happened and just sat there. Then Jasmine spotted Skamper and the chase was on! Skamper went over the edge, but I could still see his hind feet hanging on. Jasmine went back to eating. Skamper turned around to come back up but Jasmine went after him and he jumped to safety.

Yellow Avens.

She seemed quite pleased with herself. However, once again the other chipmunks were busy hauling away the peanuts. She came back to the pile of peanuts, which now was just 4 peanuts. She looked around, then sat up and looked for chipmunks. She might learn in time. Perhaps I will too. Sigh. I hope you enjoyed my little chuckles, it is always good to laugh. Hmm, looks like more rain. Have a great day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (top photo is a Starflower)

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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  1. The flowers are pretty ! Glad you shared them ! I especially loved my favourite one ! Have a sound sleep ! πŸ™‚πŸ˜»πŸ˜΄β—οΈ

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