Solitude On My Deck. #10 Park Day.

Good morning and Happy Saturday to everyone! I thought today we would go and visit one of our local parks again. This is something we have not done yet this summer so it is time to get started on this before summer is over. It is rather hard to believe that July is nearly over now and that leaves us only one month of summer left.

Walking through the park to the picnic table area.

And sometimes we do not even get all of August, the weather often changes about mid August for us, though I am really hoping it does not do that this year. We have lots of coffee on hand, and tea as well for this morning. Oh look, here is Sheree and she has brought along some of her wonderful baked goods. She always brings some gluten free goodies too so that I have something to eat as well. I see that Rossana has come too and her cat Mila.

A nice spot to sit, chat, and munch on some delicious food.

Muffin is jumping with excitement to see one of her friends again. Here comes Richard, Herb and Dusty, I am sure they have brought along, um, a good appetite! They are like me that way. And here comes Eugenia with her cat Callie, now Muffin has 2 friends to play with and she is busy showing them all around the park. And now we have MC coming with his human, Nina.

A lovely grass are bordered partially by flowers.

Both Muffin and MC are very excited to see each other, quite naturally. There they go bouncing around like kangaroos again while Callie and Mila roll on the ground with laughter. We have a good selection of picnic tables to use, some in the sun, and some in the shade. The park is right next to a bay of the lake, with a small wharf between the park and the lake, although this year it is underwater making it a bit difficult for people getting to their boats without getting wet feet.

The water is not too deep though, so high rubber boots would likely keep a person’s feet dry. Or maybe not. Of course a person would have to stay on the wharf or dock, just one step off and you would be totally wet. But the water should be warm now. The lake level is supposed to go down 3 to 4 inches (7-10cm) next week, providing we do not get too much rain.

Looking towards the bay.

The river level is also expected to drop by 4 inches (10cm) next week. But considering it is still about 11 feet above normal, a 4 inch drop is not much, but, going in the right direction. Back to the park, they always have such nice colorful flowers at this park with a selection of zinnias, ageratum, marigolds and others. This park does not get much use during the day it seems, so it is a great spot for a group picnic.

Easy for people to get wet feet, and legs, walking out to their boats.

And today is so nice and sunny, with just a light wind and the temperature is rising quickly, from a rather cool start to the day. The birds are still singing in the many trees all around this park. Many of our birds have already stopped singing very much since the nesting season is over now.

A small stone bench at the edge of the park.

And soon they will be heading back south, beginning in August for many of them. Summer is definitely short up here, but it is nice to enjoy some of it here in the park. It is a great place to lie on a blanket in the sun, or in the shade once it warms up a bit more.

Another look at the lower section of the park.

There is a lot of boat activity in this bay, with boat docking available on both sides of the bay, and there is a small marina here as well. Well, it has been nice to spend some time with all of you today at the park, next week we will try another park in town. Solitude in the park, just perfect. Hmm, I wonder if there is anything left to eat? Have a great weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Solitude On My Deck. #10 Park Day.

  1. This is a park that I never have seen nor visited before ! Glad that you shared it to us ! ☕️☕️😺😺😺😺😺🙂📷❗️

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  2. What a beautiful day for a get-together, Steve and Muffin! Callie was thrilled to see Muffin – it’s been a while. Thank you for inviting us for coffee and the picnic! 😻🌞🌼 🌻 ☕️ ☕️

    Liked by 1 person

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