The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of Avina. Chapter 3. Prison Break.

Right after take off Sigurbjorn insisted I have a massage to help me relax. I could not say no to that. But Jenny said I had to take my pills first. “What is that one for?”, I asked. “No idea,” she answered, “but Kat said to make sure you take all of them.” “Chung is always trying something new on me,” I said with a sigh. Then Sigurbjorn got started. “You are extremely tense Steve,” she said, “that is not good, it is bad for your health.”

“Just part of being a PI,” I answered slowly, then I was asleep. “Guess that new pill was for relaxing Steve,” said Jennnifer. “He needed it,” said Sigurbjorn, “he must stop thinking that he is responsible for everyone. It is not his fault, what is happening right now.” “True, but how do you convince Steve?”, asked Jenny. “That will not be easy,” answered Sigurbjorn, “Galyna needs to talk to him.”

I did not wake up until morning at 8am so I was rushing around and came running down for breakfast, I knew Kat would not let me skip a meal. “Okay, who had this idea for a sleeping pill?”, I asked. “It was your doctor,” said Chung, “you need rest or you will fall apart.” Kat frowned at me. “Yes, I guess you are right,” I said, “but this next 3 weeks will not allow us to rest very much. What info do you have for me Annelie?”

“Not very much,” she said, “except a couple of them.” She handed me her list. “What about education for these people?”, I asked. Annelie just looked at me. “How did I not think of that?”, she answered, “I am on it right now.” “And how much sleep did you get last night?”, I asked her. She just looked at me. “Okay, after the look for education, you take some time to rest,” I said, “how about you Rossana? Any chance of getting help breaking these people out of prison?”

“With some,” she said, “but some of these countries will not likely cooperate with us.” “Yes, I thought about that,” I said, “so we will have to do it the regular way, but we will use our sleep dart guns so we do not kill anyone. And I do not expect you to help with this assignment Rossana, it would not look good for you.” “I signed up for 6 months with your team Steve,” she said, “and that means participating in all cases during that time.”

“Okay, but remember, you could end up in jail with the rest of us,” I said smiling. “That would be quite a different experience,” she admitted, laughing at the thought. “The one in Mexico seems interesting,” said Jenny, “moving large shipments of drugs, bodyguard, and dealer in black market weapons of all sorts, small to large.”

“That last one is what Avina wants,” I said, ” and this one in Germany, also black market, apparently able to get anything out there. He is very dangerous.” “One of these in the US would make a good planner/organizer,” said Kat. “Yes,” I said, “but this other one in the US is odd, he just does not fit anything. Maybe after we get his education report. What about the 3 women on the list?”

Kristina and Angel were looking at their report. “One is a photographer,” said Kristina, “she specializes in miniatures, microscopic types. The other is also a photographer, but not the kind that would likely help Avina. The third is in prison for murder, that does not seem to fit.”

“But that is one that John knew,” I said, “she has money, safely hidden somewhere, and also involved in black market sales. She also has a very loyal gang on her side.” “She could be very helpful then,” said Kristina. “But getting help from that prison in Brazil will not be easy,” said Rossana. One by one each on the list seemed to fit together, except 2 of them, there was nothing in their history that would seem to be of interest to Avina, though there must be something.

One of those people was in prison here in France, and he will be the first one on our list to get. Fortunately the prison authorities and police were willing to help us out. We got a note to the man to fake a toothache, and it just so happens the prison dentist is off sick. So they had to transport him to another dentist. Normally they would bring the dentist to the prison, but that would not help us.

We arranged for Rock and Benson to drive the prison van so then there was only the guard in the back. Rock turned down a laneway and into a garage. Rock and Benson got out and some sleeping gas filled the van, knocking out the guard and our prisoner. Soon we had the prisoner in another van and bringing him back to our jail, a building that Baldwin had quickly renovated for our use and his security force would guard the place. This first one was easy, but we cannot count on all of them being like that…

To Be Continued.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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