Coffee For Friday. #11

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! Time for some coffee and sitting on the deck with the chipmunks. They are super busy this morning, they all seem to be out there, Skamper, Pocket, Coffee, Choco, Skitter, GPS and another new one, just a little guy. Scooter, Chester and Crunchy have all disappeared, they have not been around for a long time now. I like the name Crunchy so the new little guy is going to inherit that name.

The original Crunchy was not here very long, so the name is still “new” anyway. Yesterday I was planning to go on a road trip in the morning with my friend. The morning was supposed to be sunny with little wind, just perfect. The afternoon was supposed to be cloudy with showers. We were to leave at 9am, it was nice and sunny until 8am, but by 9 the clouds had taken over, some dark clouds too.

Male evening grosbeak. I miss having the birds around.

So the trip was cancelled. By noon the sun came back and the afternoon was nice and sunny, just the opposite to the forecast. Kind of sad that they cannot even get the same day forecast correct. Sigh. They seem to have hit it right for today though, cloudy and very windy, but warm at least. So yesterday I was out in the yard chasing insects again and got pics of a couple of new insects, new for me that is.

This is a black-capped chickadee doing what is called “anting”. The birds will sit in places where ants are busy and lie down to allow the ants to walk all over them. The ants secrete a substance which repels lice and mites.

There was one huge insect, not sure what it was and never got a pic of it, except one that was “fuzzy”. That thing would not sit still at all. I am going to look around for it today again even though it is cloudy. Sunshine is best for insect pics. I was also bitten by a large insect of some kind, another different one, and no, I did not get a pic of it. But it sure took a chunk out of me. It was not a fly of any kind, that is about all I know.

It is still sore today with a rather large spot left behind. I was also stung by a bee yesterday, right on my thumb yet. And that one sure hurt for a smaller bee. Again, I am not sure what kind of bee, no picture, and he flew off rather quickly. It still hurts today also, but the spot is barely noticeable. That makes twice being stung this year, compared to 11 times last year.

Can you spot the male ruby-throated hummingbird ?

Of course the summer is not over yet. Also yesterday, one of those huge wasps, that is 1 and 1/4 inches in length, came and sat on my head while I was sitting on the deck. I saw it coming but figured it would just keep going, however, it decided to take a rest on my head I guess. It did not stay long though and flew off again.

Another beautiful peony to brighten up the day.

Then I could come inside and faint. I would not want to be stung by something that big. An interesting sort of day. Well, time to head outside with the camera for a bit before it starts to rain. Have a fantastic Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

11 Comments on “Coffee For Friday. #11

    • Not many people have Herb. They are not sure if all birds do it or if only certain species. I have seen Chickadees, grackles, flickers, hairy woodpecker, crows, red-winged blackbird and robins. It’s kind of interesting, it is unknown if the ants get any benefit, though there is ideas.

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  1. Good morning Uncle Steve, well it’s good morning for me for real it’s 2 am 😅 Finally at peace ☮️✌️. Have to sleep now. Stunning photography 📸.. and u could have Extra careful see … How is it now ? The stung area, apply medicine if available and pls be careful. Poeny looks so bright and a chill pic to the eyes. Take care twice stung is still not good. Take. Care have a nice evening ✨😊

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    • Good morning Simon!😁🌞😺 Hope you slept well. The bee sting is not so bad now, hardly noticeable.😯 But whatever bit me sure left a big red spot!😮😬🙀 At least it’s not itchy anyway. I use my Aloe plant for things like this, works good.😊 If it doesn’t work then I try some other medicine. No new problems today which is nice! Enjoy your Saturday!😁🌞☕☕


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