Coffee For Thursday. #16

Good morning on this very dull, cloudy Thursday! Those clouds out there are thick and dark, which makes it very dull and dark looking outside, and inside too for that matter. It keeps looking like it will rain, but the clouds pass by and not a raindrop falls. That is supposed to change later though. And we did get a few raindrops very early this morning, but not enough to get the deck wet.

Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny and warm day. So I decided it was time for another walk to the river. It was so beautiful back there. And quiet. Very quiet. No birds at all singing or chirping in the trees. Such a difference from my last walk to the river when birds were everywhere in the trees. Not yesterday, it was just quiet. No insects at the wildflowers.

Looking across the river from where I sit.

But I spot a dragonfly, a small one, beautiful gold color. I sneak around through the long grass to get close enough for a picture and…it flies away. Not just a few feet either, it flies away, completely gone. So I keep walking and spot another one, this one is a darker color. Great, a new one. I move so very slow to get closer and…it flies away. Completely and totally away. It is gone. Sigh. I keep walking. Hey, a frog jumped across the path. Can I get close enough?

All that rock down in the sunshine was covered with water before.

Yes, a nice picture of it. This is a Wood Frog. A very common frog in the north woods. I will talk more about it another time, but wanted to show a picture of it now. It made the walk more interesting since I seldom see frogs along the path. This is the second time this year. I have not yet identified the other one.

While walking to the river I spotted 2 butterflies, both different, but I was unable to get a picture of either one. That was a bit frustrating. Oh well. I keep walking and get to Scramble’s territory but he is nowhere in sight. I call to him and right away I heard some chattering, quite a distance away. But soon he came running along his roadway of fallen trees and over to the peanuts I put out for him. He even stopped so I could get some pictures.

This wood frog is about 2.5 inches long.

That was very nice. Next stop is the river and I sat on the tree stump at my usual spot. The river has gone down a bit more now, so it is now down about 2 feet. Only another 7 feet or so to go and it will be at its normal level. I still do not think that is possible before winter, but we will see. Some of the trees are now out of the water, almost. There are some that are not looking too good right now.

Another picture of little Scramble.

I guess being submerged for so long was hard on them. They often get submerged in spring and sometimes in the fall, but all season like this year is something totally different. The water levels on the lake and river have not been this high since 1950. Well, I am glad that you all stopped by today, thank you so much. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Coffee For Thursday. #16

    • Not a tree frog, a wood frog. They are quite a nice color and good jumpers! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good night!😊😻🌛😴☕☕


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