The Investigators, Inc. Mysterious Mandar. Part 2, Chapter 8. The Visitor.

I went over to the man I recognized and hit him on the head with my gun. He fell to the ground where I then kicked him in the stomach. Rock then put his hand on me. “Stop Steve,” he said, “you go back, I will handle these guys.” I looked at Rock, then ran back to where Kat was lying on the ground. Jennifer was on her knees, crying. I got down on my knees beside her.

“I am going to kill her,” said Jenny, “I am!” She then started to get up, but I pulled her back down beside me. “We will get Brenda for this,” I said, “you and I, but not right now, we have things to do first.” The ambulances then arrived, and Chung came over to Kat first. He quickly checked her, then looked up at me and shook his head. I knew what he meant, and I could not stop myself from crying.

The police were there to pick up Brenda’s men, we got our cars ready to take others to the clinic, the worst cases went in the ambulances. It was a bad day, a horrible day. Though Baudry had been shooting back, he had been shot and died at the end. Kaarina and Susanna also died. Kat, Carine, Mriya and Stanley were seriously wounded, 2 of them may not make it.

Angel, Galyna, and Sovia were lightly wounded and will not have to be in the clinic long. Ilda fell to the ground at the beginning and stayed there so she was not hit. Since she is not a team member, she did not have a gun. Sigurbjorn had also dropped to the ground and rolled toward the chateau where she was safe. She did not have her gun. However, this was a special picnic, and no one was required to carry a gun.

Jennifer and Annelie were behind the chateau getting Krissy, so they were safe, along with the cats. Rock and I escaped injury also, quite amazing really. But how did Brenda know? How did she know about our picnic? How did she know that our electric gates were not working that day? This was not a coincidence, someone had to tell her, but I just cannot believe that anyone in our team would do such a thing. It just did not make sense.

I was at the clinic each day with Kat, even though she was unconscious. She had been pregnant but lost the baby. We will not get another chance. It is probably best though. On the fourth day Rock came into the room and said I had a visitor waiting to see me. I could not think who it might be, but I went out to see. I could not believe my eyes, it was Mandar!

I certainly would never have thought he would visit me. I sat down across from him. “I am very sorry to hear of what happened,” he began, “word has gotten around that Brenda and her men slaughtered your team and killed your wife.” “Kat is still alive,” I said, “but it does not look like she will live.” “I am truly sorry to hear that Steve, I really am,” he said. He actually did sound very sincere.

He is an odd man to figure out. “You are probably wondering how Brenda knew when to strike,” he continued, “she has ways of doing things that are hard to understand, but her knowledge of technology is amazing. That is how she follows you around and knows how to always find you. She can follow you through anything you might have on you, and she can listen in to your conversations, even inside your home.

I do not know how she does it, but because of her abilities, I have never been able to find her to eliminate her. She always knows what I am planning.” “That seems to make sense,” I said, “I just could not believe that anyone on my team could turn against us.” “Of course not,” he said, “you must trust your team, or you have no team at all.” He put his head down a bit.

“It is one thing to be in a fair fight and die,” he said, “but an ambush is a cowardly way to fight. You have a team of brave men and women, keep them.” “Thank you, Mandar,” I said. Then I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and handed it to Mandar. “This is just a copy,” I said, “we have the original, but we are not going after this clue right now, maybe never, so you may as well give it a try.

We have made no progress on it whatsoever.” Mandar looked at it. “I must say, it is interesting looking,” he said, “if we find this treasure, I will reward you for your help.” “Not necessary,” I said, “but right now I hope you find it and not Brenda. I will be going after your wife soon.” “Oh, you know,” he said, rather surprised. “Yes, we have ways of finding out information too,” I said.

To Be Continued.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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