Coffee and Chatting. #18

Good morning on this beautiful, sunny Tuesday! The temperature this morning was a pleasant 59F (15C), though it is not supposed to warm up much today. But the sun is shining which is making a fabulous morning. We did get some thunderstorms overnight, though they did not produce a lot of rain, at least right here. There might have been more rain elsewhere, however.

This is Choco, on his way to get some peanuts.

We only received about half an inch (12.5mm) of rain. We really do not need more rain right now anyway, so that is okay. Since it was warmer on Sunday, and again yesterday, some of the chipmunks came back. GPS, Skamper, Pocket and Choco were around both days, and at least 2 have been here this morning. The number of blue jays is increasing as well, there are at least 8 of them visiting now.

Four of them are around nearly all day and the other 4 just show up at different times during the day. Fortunately I was able to buy some peanuts yesterday, not a lot, but they should last for a while, especially since there are also sunflower seeds to use. The chickadees and nuthatches are coming more often now as well, but there is not many of them. My lone goldfinch is still coming as well.

This is GPS.

I spotted a thrush in the neighbors’ cherry tree this morning. It is one called “Veery”. That is much what their song sounds like, which is why the name. I went out to get a picture, but it had flown by the time I got out there. It is not often they show up so close, too bad I missed that one. Perhaps it will come back at some point today. The northern robins are starting to show up now.

Our summer robins left a while back already, these come from further north and are a bolder color than the summer robins. They generally stay for 2 or 3 weeks, then they leave too. Looks like some clouds are starting to move in now, it is supposed to get cloudy by noon. Then a strong northwest wind will move in, and the temps will drop.

This is Skamper.

That means no more such warm weather until next year. Okay, it has not been very warm, yesterday it was 71F (22C), but that is nice for us this time of the year. Nice enough for a beautiful walk to the river again yesterday. I will talk about that tomorrow, I do not have the pictures sorted out yet. Well, time to put out more food so I will say good bye for now. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Coffee and Chatting. #18

  1. Loved the pics ! We got some rain last evening and more expected tomorrow…sleep well tonight ! 🙂😻😴

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  2. Sounds a fboulous morning 🌅🌞 sunshine and 15C wow sounds great. Hope you had warm outside. Oh your little friends are back again, looks like they were waiting for a warm day like you 😃. So Veery is under the watch of your camera 📸 share it to us when u r done capturing it 😉 no more warm days? Who knows, it might surprise u like yesterday 😄Have a peaceful evening 💖

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    • Hi Simon! Yes, we will have more nice days, but not quite so warm so I will need to wear a jacket. Today it is cold, definitely jacket weather. I don’t think the chipmunks will be back now, but that’s okay, it is their time to sleep for the winter.😴🐿️🐿️🐿️ GPS might come back again if it warms up a bit, he might need more food yet.🤔🐿️ I saw the Veery again, but did not get a picture. Sigh. But maybe I will get another chance. Have a great day Simon!😁😻🍂🍁☔


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