Coffee For Thursday. #18

Good morning everyone! Grab a cup of coffee and sit a while! It is a chilly morning, the temp was just 34F (1C) though it must have been cooler in places since there was patchy frost this morning. It is likely there was more frost outside of town, it usually works that way. Our big lake gives the town a somewhat milder climate in the fall which is why snow does not arrive earlier than it does.

The sun is shining brightly, and it should warm up to 57F (14C) today, a more normal fall temperature for late September. The birds are busy this morning, including 3 grackles which I have been trying to chase away. It is amazing how much those birds can eat. They are the size of a blue jay but can eat twice as much. They like peanuts too, naturally. They will also eat most anything else.

Notice this blue jay tossing a seed into his mouth.

I was surprised yesterday by some evening grosbeaks showing up in the afternoon. They are back again this morning too, so I am trying to make sure they have something to eat. Not easy with those grackles around. GPS and Skamper were here yesterday afternoon as well. That too, was a surprise. But those 2 are back again this morning, even in the cold. Now that is amazing.

Two baby blue jays on the feeder.

I have been trying to get more blue jay photos, so I am showing some of them today. Unfortunately, there is not much sun on the deck anymore. The sun is low in the sky and stays hidden behind the trees all day. Oh well. The blue jays are getting used to seeing me sitting out there, so they are getting braver all the time. I really should be out there trying for more pics, but it is still kind of cool for just sitting in the shade.

It is fun watching the baby blue jays, even though they are adult size now. But they are braver than the adults and they also get into “arguments” with their siblings. They will land too quickly and fall over. Or bump into each other. Trying to catch these mishaps with my camera is not easy, however. I do try though.

Baxter getting a peanut.

I am also trying to get pics of the nuthatches, so far without success. They move rather fast and do not stay around long. It is easier in the winter. However, I want pictures with no snow. Oh well. One of these days I might succeed. Maybe even today. Time to say goodbye again. Thank you so much for reading today. Have a most wonderful Thursday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Coffee For Thursday. #18

  1. Great pics Steve ! Right now I am doing a jigsaw puzzle of blue jays…they are a beautiful bird ! My favourite is the chickadee, but the jays run a close second ! Rest well tonight ! 🙂😻📷😴

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  2. Such an interesting capture. Amazing shot of Blue Jay tossing a seed into its mouth 📸 Marvelous ana amazing 😍😍 and by the way you can take shot from the place you are at why roam in cold and invite trouble? Stay safe😄. Hope you recovered . How is your health now? Going for regular checkup right. Pls 🙏 Take good care it’s getting cold 🙂 have a nice evening 🌆

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    • Thanks so much Simon!😃😻☕ It took a few tries to get that one! I have been trying lately to get some “different” photos like that just to make them a bit more interesting.😁📷 It’s harder than it looks though!🤔 I doing okay, yep, regular checkups too. Hope you have a fantastic weekend Simon!😁😻🌞🍂🍁


      • Oh it’s definitely harder. It’s the timing that matters and patience and right position ofcourse 😄😄. I can understand the effort you have put to get that one shot. Beautiful shot 😍! If there is photography contest around feel free to send it across 🙂

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      • I could never win a photography contest, they have too many good entries, but thank you so much Simon for the encouragement!😊😻😍📷


      • Oh don’t be that hard, it is a well deserved shot! I knew the competition is so high 😅 especially with younger ones. I still go with participating 😄😉😁

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