Solitude On My Deck. #21

Hello to everyone on this another chilly day! Well, late fall is definitely upon us now, with much cooler weather, and wet. This time of year we often receive a lot of moisture, either rain or snow. Fortunately, the snow usually melts the same day until we finally hit those steady freezing temperatures. Like tomorrow, for example, the high will be 30F (-1C), with flurries.

But Monday warms up to 37F (3C) and it should be sunny all day. But today, it is cloudy with flurries and light rain showers. The birds are very busy, the blue jays looking for their peanuts, and some sunflower seeds as well. The evening grosbeaks filling the bird feeder with their bright yellows, browns, black and white. The nuthatches flying in and out between the other birds. Just two chickadees trying hard to get some seeds too.

Blue jay eating a sunflower seed.

One grackle has shown up again, but he is a very nervous visitor. There are lots of juncos, on the feeder, the deck and all over the ground. Yesterday while I was sitting outside trying to get some pictures, which I am showing today, I spotted a white-throated sparrow, but a different one than was here before. Then I spotted a fox sparrow, so he is still around which is nice.

Then I heard a second fox sparrow singing from a bush, but just out of sight. So, there are two of them. The sun actually came out yesterday afternoon, so that is why I was out there taking pictures. I was unable to get anymore of the fox sparrow, but I did try. Too bad they will not come onto the deck, but they are a shy bird and prefer to stay on the ground and close to shelter. The other birds do not mind my sitting out there taking pics.

Ned, the red-breasted nuthatch with his sunflower seed.

I have gotten some nice pics of the birds that come up to the feeder. But I keep trying for more. Different poses, or group shots, if possible. The little juncos hop around all over the deck, around my feet, one sat on my foot. That is solitude. I tried for a picture, but I guess I must have moved to fast, and it scared him. It is hard to get shots of these unexpected happenings.

It just does not happen that often, so I cannot be prepared for it. Like having a little nuthatch land on my knee while I was taking a picture of another nuthatch on the feeder. She landed, looked up at me, then flew to the feeder. That is solitude. A couple nights ago, I heard a great horned owl hooting. The moon was shining, and the owl was fairly close in one of the trees out back.

One of the many dark-eyed juncos.

It sounded so beautiful, yet somewhat lonely as well. I have heard this owl several times this fall, and throughout the summer as well. That is solitude. All the birds, except the juncos, seem to have gone now. Always happens about now, then they come back after lunch. I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Solitude On My Deck. #21

  1. Beautiful photos of your birdie fans, Steve! I hope it doesn’t get too cold too soon!
    β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸŒ¬πŸƒ πŸ‚ 🍁😸

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