Coffee For Thursday. #27

Good morning to everyone! It is a nice morning here, the sun is shining beautifully, the sky is a deep blue and it is mild again. The temperature earlier this morning was 28F (-2C). It hardly felt like winter at all. There is not much bird activity this morning though. There were, and still are, a few chickadees out there, but not as many as before. A couple of evening grosbeaks were here for perhaps 5 minutes and then left.

The nuthatches are here, still 5 of them. I have not seen the woodpeckers. But, all 12 blue jays have been here, off and on, this morning. Yesterday the temperature actually rose to a high of 39F (4C) and sunny. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to get out for a walk or even get outside to take pictures of the birds. There were not many birds around in the afternoon anyway.

Squirk, one of my older squirrels, eating a piece of bread.

But it would have been a perfect day for walking to the river. Or at least part way. Oh well. This afternoon is supposed to be cloudy with freezing drizzle. That is not so good, it will just make everything icy. It is supposed to stay nice like this until Saturday, perhaps longer, then it will get back to more normal winter weather for late November. When I put the hanging feeders out early this morning, Chipper the chickadee was here, by himself. He is always first it seems.

LB, another of my older squirrels on a cold winter day.

Jasper was out as well, but he never came over here, it looked like he and Copper were getting ready for some fun. Well, fun for me anyway. I enjoy watching them chase each other through the trees. It is just amazing how long they can keep it up. They are not very big, but they sure have a lot of energy. For those who might not know, these are red squirrels, and they are small. Not like those big gray squirrels. Anyway, those red squirrels do have their fun.

Mama D relaxing on the thin edge of the feeder having her breakfast on a warm summer morning.

I mean, I have fun watching them with their fun in chasing. Well, to them it is not fun, it is serious business, but to me it looks like fun when I watch them, even if it isn’t fun to them. But it still is fun to me. Watching them, I mean. Oh well. Anyway, today is squirrel picture day. I do like squirrels, though they can be a nuisance at times as well. But they are fun too. I think it is time for another cup of coffee. Well, I hope you have a beautiful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod

12 Comments on “Coffee For Thursday. #27

  1. Steve, may the Lord God, bless and keep you, may his face shine upon you, and give you peace–may you whole and complete, missing nothing. The squirrel photos are very cute. They are fun to watch as they chase each other. May your day bring you unexpected delights!

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  2. Glad to see your older friends 😍 Beautiful picture of Mama D, LB & Squirm, and your day with your little critters Jasper, copper, chipper made your day ✨🐿️ send a hi from my end to your little friends, Have a nice Thursday ✨😍😍

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    • I will say hi to them tomorrow when I see them! It was such a beautiful day again, doesn’t really seem like it’s winter. But I’m enjoying it!!😃😻📷☕☕🌞


      • Wow, so no more white Christmas ⛄😁 Muffin must be enjoying that 😃😃. Stay warm to a beautiful weekend ahead 😍…

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      • There is still a lot of snow, it is not melting much even though the temps are on the plus side, 4C two days in a row. 🌞But it takes more than that to melt snow this time of year. The days are just too short. Yep, two more warm days before it cools off again! 😃🌞😻


      • 4c in a row 😃wow… That should melt it slowly… If it is like a 28C here that would make snow disappear 😉. Enjoy the the warmer Friday and a half weekend 😉

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  3. What great pics of your squirrels ! Mama squirrel is adorable ! …Sleep well tonight ! 🙂😻😴❤️

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