Coffee For Friday. #29

Good morning and Happy Friday to all of you! Well, it was a somewhat milder morning today, though it still felt very cold. There is a high humidity today also, so that does not help. I was expecting, since the temperature was just 5F (-15C), that it would not feel so cold this morning. Wrong. It felt cold. But, it could be just me.

The chickadees and nuthatches are here this morning, and the blue jays have been busy as well. I just noticed that the evening grosbeaks are back this morning, they are out there right now feasting on their feast of sunflower seeds. Hmm, something scared them away already. That did not take long. They are certainly acting strange this year.

Junior, he had been digging in the snow for something.

Yesterday I showed a photo of Junior, one of my deer friends. He was just a fawn the first summer I was living here. And he has been coming around every year since then. He has grown up into a nice large buck now. He really is big. And he was here again yesterday. Actually he comes around most days now that winter is here. Even when I go for walks to the river, something I have not done now for months, I often meet him.

I can call him and he will come over to say hi. I had to block him from coming onto the deck this winter since someone complained to our bylaw enforcement officer last winter and I got into a bit of trouble for that. Even though I was not feeding him. But how do I prove that when someone says that I was. Sigh. Here a person is guilty until proven innocent. And since I do not wish to pay the $500 fine for feeding the deer that I am not feeding, I decided to block him from coming onto the deck.

Here he is trying to sniff my camera.

But he still comes around. Now he will stand on the wood platform at the bottom of the stairs and stomp his feet to let me know he is around. So then I go outside and say hi to him. I am showing some pics of his visit yesterday. Unfortunately you cannot see how big he really is in those pics. At one point he was trying to sniff my camera, perhaps checking to see if it was edible. He likes to lick my hand too, perhaps for the same reason.

He was back again this morning. And he likes to be rubbed on his head around the antlers. It gets itchy there. I found that out years ago watching these bucks try to scratch around their antlers. So I tried it with Tiny one day. Tiny was a large 8 point buck, bigger than other 8 point bucks that were around at that time. He loved it. So I tried it on all the bucks that used to come around when I lived at a place prior to moving here. They all loved it.

Oops, now he hears the neighbor’s dog.

Bouncer, a 12 point buck, would lean towards me while I rubbed him, groaning and moaning. It obviously felt good. If I stopped too soon, he would really perk up, and nudge me gently. So I would do some more and he would be back to leaning over and moaning again. Oh well, time to say goodbye for today. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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  1. Junior looks magestic ! So someone complained about him ? Sad ! Sleep well tonight ! And Muffin too ! πŸ™‚πŸ˜»πŸ˜΄πŸŽ„

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