Coffee For Thursday. #30

Good morning everyone! It is another mild December day with a temperature of 27F (-3C). Yesterday we had 3 inches of new snow and this morning there was another 2 inches of new snow, so that is 5 inches so far. We are supposed to get a bit more this afternoon and overnight. So it is slowly adding up to what they had forecast for us. Then it turns very cold again for the rest of the year, down into the -30s and maybe even -40s with the windchill.

Well, guess I should return to our story about Dad and I looking for insulators one January day. I am showing some pictures of insulators today as well so you know what we were after. Dad was right, it was just a flurry and stopped after a few minutes. More flurries came along however. Things went quite normally after we finally got up on the hill. I stood on Dad’s shoulders and got the insulators which I dropped down to Dad.

We found ones like the 2 on the left and the one on the far right.

He caught them and put them in his pockets, then down I came when he emptied his pockets. It was working great. Something must be wrong. Finally I suggested stopping for coffee. Dad agreed with that, fortunately. “We can sit on that fallen tree over there,” said Dad. “Are you sure it is solid?” I asked. He hit it with his axe. “Perfect,” he said. We then cleared snow off to sit, Dad at the high end and me as far away from Dad as possible.

Dad said it was for safely reasons. Not sure what he meant by that. I gave him his thermos of coffee and a sandwich and went to sit down. “Hey, what about my donut?” he shouted. I tossed it to him and he caught it perfectly. Unfortunately he used both hands and kind of flattened his donut a bit, not bad though. He sat down again but spilled his cup of coffee when he did. He already had one cup anyway and he still had another cup left.

More insulators, the two on the left we found that day. The two on the right are from the early 1880s and found here.

But I started laughing, loud and long. He couldn’t blame that one on me, though he tried saying it was because I threw the donut to him. He poured his last cup of coffee and set it carefully on the log while he set his thermos in the snow. I put my thermos in my backpack and sat down again. Guess it moved that log a bit and Dad’s coffee cup slid off into the snow, behind Dad.

Dad tried to stop it and fell backward into the snow. The look on his face! I went over to see and began laughing loud and long again! “Bonehead!” Said Dad. He always said that when he was enjoying himself, though I do not understand how he could be enjoying that. He got up and came over to where I had sat down again and took my last cup of coffee. I just kept laughing, it was just hard to stop.

Some different insulators, the blue on the left is from Russia, the purple on the right is from Australia, the green one is from France, the orange was made in the US but was used here.

Dad gave his sarcastic laugh as he sat down, rather hard, and the log broke! Down he went again, spilling the coffee all over himself! I was now laughing so hard I could barely breathe. “Time to go,” said Dad. “Good,” I said. But what he meant was go get more insulators. It was snowing now, heavily. “We should go home, it is snowing,” I said. Hmm, guess I will have to finish this story tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Ā©2022 Steve McLeod.

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