Coffee For Thursday! #31

Hello everyone! It was cold again this morning, -28F (-32C), but it has since warmed up to -28F (-32C). In other words, the temperature has not changed, it is still cold, but not as cold as was first forecast, so that is good news. That does not help going outside however, it is still cold out there. Plus we got some more snow, another inch and a half (3.75cm).

Not much to get concerned about though, but it keeps snowing every day and those little amounts now add up to 17 inches (42.5cm) over the last week. I am glad it comes in smaller amounts, it makes it easier to shovel it out of the way. It is still snowing lightly out there right now, so I imagine it will add up to another inch before long. I am staying inside most of the time these days, too cold to do anything outside. At least for me anyway.

Canada Jay, one of my year round favorite birds.

Of course that means I am not getting any pictures, so that part is not good. Next week it is supposed to warm up quite a bit, maybe then I can go out and get some winter pictures. I need to make some new suet cakes for the birds today. They are eating it rather quickly these days. Good thing I made some extras last time. The squirrel was around again today, or I should say, a squirrel has been around. It is a different squirrel than the one that has been coming.

He looked like Chase this time. He even looked over at me when I mentioned his name. He also did not run away like the other squirrel does. I like Chase. I had been working with him to stop chasing the chipmunks and he was starting to learn, like Jasper did. But he was not friendly with the chipmunks like Jasper was, he was just in the learning stages yet. But I am proving that it is possible to get these two enemies to like each other, or at least tolerate each other.

Canada Jays can become very friendly and will sit on my hand to get food.

It was always so much fun watching those squirrels trying to chase the chipmunks and the chipmunks working together against the squirrels! This has been a slightly different week, which is why my posts have not been out regularly this week. Sometimes things just happen. Christmas is only a couple days away and Muffin is getting excited. Her favorite part is unwrapping the gifts. She does not really care about the gift however, it is the wrapping paper that is her favorite part.

She shreds it, jumps in it, rolls in it and hides under it. Then she shreds it some more until there are tiny bits of wrapping paper all over the apartment. She also likes those fancy bows. She carries them around meowing like she just caught a mouse. Then she tosses it around, pounces on it, grabs it and runs away jumping onto the bed, then onto the window sill, then onto the insulator display shelves, then across her “bridge” and up to her “cave”.

Canada Jays are really very different than other jays. Unfortunately they seldom come around here, they are more of a country bird even though they seem to enjoy being around people.

She will stay there for a while then come out and look for breakfast. We open our gifts early Christmas morning. And it can be a wild time. Well, thank you for joining us today, have a wonderful day and God bless! Merry Christmas everyone! We will still be here every day over the holidays, though things might be a bit different.

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

9 Comments on “Coffee For Thursday! #31

  1. Glad to hear the temperature in your part of the world will not remain cold. Here in the Far North close to the Arctic Circle, it was -41 F or -40.55 C yesterday.It warmed up 10 degrees but it is still cold but more tolerable.We have passed the Soltice so we gained a fraction of a second more daylight today. Before long June will come with 24 hours of daylight! Enjoy your day!

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    • And here I thought you would be in total darkness now. Yes, it is going to warm up remarkably next week, rather unusual for that time of year. Normally we begin the New Year with very cold temps, guess we just got it early this time. Have a nice evening! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Ίβ„οΈβ„οΈπŸŽ„

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