Friday Fun With Coffee. #2

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday to you as well! We had more freezing fog during the night so the trees, and most everything else, are once again covered with frost. Some trees were still frost covered from before, but many had lost their frosty coats. It is quite windy out there this morning too which is supposed to bring in some very mild weather for us by Sunday. It could warm up to 34F (1C) on Sunday and Monday too. Then it will cool off once again.

There are not many birds this morning, but my little chickadees and nuthatches are here. I have not yet seen any other birds. So different from last winter when I had hundreds of birds out here. They obviously must have found a better restaurant. Plus that shrike might have something to do with it. Oh well, I cannot do anything about it. Speaking of restaurants, I am sure I mentioned this one I stopped at a few years ago.

The same picture I showed yesterday, only 2 years ago. We did not have much snow that year.

But many of you would have missed that anyway, so I will share it again. It was a small country restaurant I had never tried before. So, one morning as I was driving by, I decided to give it a try. I mean, how can anyone spoil a simple country breakfast. There were two vehicles parked out front, so that was a good sign, other people eat here too. I went inside. It was empty. But it was a nice looking, and clean, restaurant.

It was quite small, but it is a country restaurant, they normally are not very big. The vehicles probably belong to the owners. I sat at one of the tables and waited. And waited. “Anyone here?” I called out. A man poked his head out of the kitchen and then came over to me. He was quite dirty and had a somewhat dirty towel over his shoulder. I probably should have left, but I thought this might be interesting. I was not disappointed.

Male Goldeneye duck diving for some food.

“You want somethin?” he asked. “Yes, a cup of coffee and the breakfast special,” I said. He went back to the kitchen and came back quickly with coffee and a cup. He stopped at the table and looked in the cup. Then he blew into the cup. Then he stuck his finger in the cup. “I better get a different cup, this one is dirty,” he said. At least he recognized that. He set the coffee pot on the table and went back in the kitchen. I waited. And waited. He must be washing the cup.

He came back with another cup. “This one is clean,” he said, “and we do not have the breakfast special today.” “Okay, I will have bacon and eggs and toast,” I said. “Okay,” and off he goes. What I just ordered was the breakfast special. Very odd. He comes back and asks what kind of bread I want. Better make this easy, I thought. “Just white bread,” I said. “Okay,” and off he goes. He comes back. “We don’t have any white bread,” he said. “How about rye?” I asked him.

Another male Goldeneye diving for his food.

“Okay,” and off he goes. He comes back. “We do not have rye bread either,” he said. “What do you have?” I asked. “Actually, we do not have any bread,” he said. “Fine, I will have hash browns instead of toast,” I said. “Okay,” and off he goes. He comes back. “We do not have any bacon, would sausages be okay?” he asked. “Sure,” I said and off he goes. He comes back.

“We do not have any sausages either,” he said. Then why did he suggest them? Oh well. “I will just have eggs and hash browns,” I said. “Okay,” and he left. I should have too. He comes back. “We do not have and hash browns,” he said. I stared at him. “Actually,” he said, “we do not have any food right now, my wife is going shopping this morning.” I stared at him.

“Would you like more coffee?” “No thanks, I am in a hurry,” I said. I paid for my coffee and went to my car. Once in my car I burst out laughing! It could only happen to me! I drove on to the next restaurant and got my breakfast. Baxter and Betty, my two blue jays have shown up for breakfast. Thank you for visiting today, have a wonderful Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Friday Fun With Coffee. #2

  1. Happy Friday, Steve! I’ve had similar experiences but nothing like that! By the end I half expected for him to say “we’re out of coffee too, that’s an empty carafe” haha. Have a great weekend! ☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Friday Mr. R! At least he did have coffee! I don’t know why he didn’t just tell me at the start they had no food. They went out of business a few months later. I think this was my worst, or funniest restaurant experience. Have a great weekend too!😊😺☕☕❄️❄️


  2. You lasted a LOT longer than I would have! At the first sign of a dirty guy with a dirty towel over his shoulder, I would’ve mumbled something about needing directions and got out as fast as possible. If I had lasted to see him stick his finger in my coffee cup, I would have been gone before he returned, covering my license plate with snow before speeding off!! 😨
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to admit, seeing him made me wonder, but I was hoping he was not the cook. Besides, it made me think it might be fun and I was not disappointed on that part. But I could not figure why he just didn’t tell me right away that they had no food. I mean, that would be the normal thing to do. Oh well, it was fun anyway. I have never experienced that anywhere else, thankfully. Have a great weekend! 😃😺☕☕❄️❄️

      Liked by 1 person

    • Walk out and miss all that fun?😂😹 I just don’t know why he didn’t tell me right away that they had no food.🙄 Very strange. Hope you have a good sleep tonight!😊😻🌛😴😴


  3. Psst hahahahaha 😅🤣🤣😅🤣 if it was here we would have caused a little drama 😂. He would have regretted it for life 🤣😂.no violence just talking is enough 😜. You should have asked him tons of questions so he regret allowing you inside 👨🙂🤓😜. You could do that. Clearly 😊🤠Have a good day 🤗


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